Monday, April 18, 2011

quilted Easter table runner

I've been wanting a fun, spring table runner. I pieced this one together and machine quilted it along the seams (I think there's a technical name for that . . .) I like how it turned out, but I decided this one is going to be a gift for my mom. I had originally planned to give it to her for Mother's Day, but I'm thinking it would look good for Easter. So, its a "thank you" gift for watching my kids while I was in Boston.

It was super easy. I bought the pre-cut fabric strips (just from WalMart too, as much as I despise the place), so total time from start to finish was only about 4 hours.I had originally planned to just do the stripes going one way - but after I got it pieced, it was too short and fat. So, I cut about 8 inches off the entire length, and cut that strip into 3 equal pieces. I sewed one to each end, and then unpicked the middle and sewed one into the middle. I LOVE how it turned out. The change in direction added just the visual interest I was looking for.

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