Friday, May 15, 2009

The Mother's Day post that almost never was

Ok - so I've been a bit MIA in the blog-o-sphere. Even more MIA than it seems, because my last several posts were auto scheduled (except the one about not weighing myself - and I still haven't). I probably haven't really blogged since mid-April. Definitely too long. But life has been absolutely crazy, and I've just needed a break.

But I do have a lot to post, and a lot to catch up on - which I intend to do eventually. And I think I'll start with a post about Mother's Day - although it was a week ago.

The weekend started out pretty crappy. We had a birthday party planned for G on Saturday, but she woke up that morning with a fever. She was sick enough, that I figured she needed to go to InstaCare. Besides, if I was going to cancel her party, I wanted reassurance from the doctor.

Turns out I made the right decision: she had strep throat. The party was cancelled, but she got sicker and sicker by the hour. By 5pm she was burning up with fever (despite being on both Motrin and Tylenol) and in so much pain that she couldn't bare to lift her head off of the pillow. Worried about facing a long night being very sick, I decided to take her back to be checked out.

Again, it turns out I made the right decision. The doctor there was worried about meningitis (her fever there was 103), and they ran some tests on her. They did end up sending her home, but the next morning (mother's day) I got a call before G was even awake. Her test results showed possible problems, and I was to take her immediately to Primary Children's Medical Center. PMC is the hospital that they send kids when they're really sick - and I was scared.

I rushed her there, without even taking time to get myself cleaned up. Ironically, by the time we got there, she was feeling about 80% better. I almost felt foolish, but when they saw her test results they were worried too. But after 3 hours and evaluation by many doctors, they felt it was ok to let us go. I'm sure the fact that she was complaining that she was STARVING, and posing for pictures:
that made them think she was ok. If not, I'm sure the riding Superman around on the wheeled stool sealed the deal:
So yes, she's ok. Just really bad strep apparently. I hear its going around.

We did manage to have a decent day - brunch, and then a quick stop at both Grandma's houses to give them their gifts. Here's Bryn and my mom:
And then me, my mom and the girls. If my eyes look weird, its a combination of the fact that I had LASIK last week (working on that post too) and the combined 3 nights of no sleep. All things considered, I think I'm looking pretty damn fine!

At any rate, Happy Belated Mother's Day.


tiburon said...

EEK! Sorry to hear about the strep! I hope they are doing better now.

On a side note - Ethan was in that exact same room at PCMC last Saturday for his broken arm and the Friday before for his ketoacidosis :)

They put the most awesome kids in room 8.

Devri said...

wow, that must have been waaayy scary, glad to see her doing superman!! Yeah, I've mised you!

carrie said...

That would be so scary... I don't mess around with that stuff, either. You don't want to take the chance...and it is SO MUCH BETTER to be told it's not so bad...rather than the other way around. :o) You look great in the picture, by the way! I'm glad you ended up having a Happy Mother's Day!!

nicole said...

Poor thing... what a crazy couple of days. Congrats on the LASIK, though. It's so great to be able to see when you wake up.

Cadance said...

glad she is feeling better! That is scary!

I wanna get LASIK...I'm excited to read your post about it! ...and you DO look great!

Julia said...

Congrats on the Lasik and I"m so glad G was okay! That is a scary mother's day. I hate wondering if i'm right to take them to the doc...

Omgirl said...

Poor little chickie! I had super bad strep like that when I was 17 and had to go to the ER. It's scary! I'm glad she's OK.

Lynita said...

Don't you just love having sick kids on Mother's Day? Seriously, I didn't get to church either, Ethan had tonsilitis again with a high fever too! I am so sorry that you had to spend so much time at the doctor/hospital. When I took Ethan in after 4 days of high fever and lethargy he was feeling better by the time the appt. rolled around, and no strep! I think he will have to get his tonsils out like Kaitlyn, yay for us! Glad that you were able to salvage your mothers day, and you look great too! Happy Belated Mothers Day!