Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family ties

Last weekend, some of my extended family visited from Maryland, Michigan, Colorado and Arizona - a mini-family reunion. We gathered because it would have been my grandfather's birthday - our first without him. And since it was so close to memorial day, it only made sense. It has always been important to me that my kids know their extended family, but its isn't so simple when most of them live far away. So, I made sure they had the opportunity to spend some time with them.
I'm sad this picture didn't turn out better - its Bryn with my grandma (her great grandma). My grandma is an amazing person, and for an 85-year-old is vibrant and active. She's also small - I think they said she barely weighs 80 pounds.
This is my uncle (dad's brother) who is going to be a grandpa himself any day now. He loved the little kids so much - and you can tell how much they loved him too. Bryn actually kept calling him Grandpa (he does look so much like my dad - they could almost be twins, so I can understand how she'd be confused).
And here's G with my Grandma. I just wish the pictures were better - for some reason, pictures I take in my mom's house never turn out very well.
Me and Ben. I should have taken off my glasses - its rare to actually get a picture together with my husband.
This is Bryn with my cousin (he's only 11, but yes, he's my cousin). He was the designated piggy-back-giver. The girls loved him too - especially Bryn. Actually, Bryn loves everyone.


carrie said...

What cute pictures. I sure wish I would have taken more pictures of my kids with my grandma while she was still alive. You're so lucky to have those.... It makes me sad when I think of all the things I so wish I would have done when I had the chance. I'm glad you had a fun time with your family. By the way, it was my grandpa's birthday on Monday...and I celebrate his birthday every single year, too. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

family is the best.

Chelsea said...

How fun to have a reunion! It is hard to live far away from extended family. I bet your girls will treasure those pictures when they get older.

Omgirl said...

How nice that you've been able to get together with family from so far away. It looks like the kids loved all the relatives!

Lynita said...

What a great family get together. By the way the pix probably has to do with the lighting, so you might need to try a special setting at your moms house, Ryan is good with that stuff! Cute pic of you and Ben too!