Monday, May 18, 2009

The fruits of my labor

I love gardening. Unlike housework, the effort that I put in yields a result that only increases (as opposed to being undone in a matter of 1.4 seconds by the tornadoes that live in my house). I love the challenge of making things grow. This year, I put a lot of "food products" into my gardens. Because of the weird shape of my yard (pentagon) and the fact that I don't get a lot of sun, I put my fruit/veggies right into my flower garden. I've even planted a salsa garden complete with at least one of each plant that I need to make my famous salsa. These are the first strawberries of the season - and they were yummy! Sweet, juicy, and firm. We devoured them.
Of course not everything is edible. I grow other things too, just for the beauty of them. My tulips were AMAZING this year. I'd bought several dozen bulbs last year from the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. They dig up the old bulbs, and you can buy them. The problem is, they're mystery bulbs: you have absolutely no idea what kind you are getting. But I wasn't disappointed - they were beautiful.
I also have peonies ready to bloom. I love peonies.
This is a lupine that I got as an easter present (hence the reason it is already so big and tall). I love it.
The vinca vine is growing in the crack in the rock wall quite nicely.


Wym said...

I'm new here. My name is Wymberley and I live in Texas. Love your garden! Isn't it nice to be done with snow/ cold for the summer?

carrie said...

I am the WORST gardener in the world. I have never learned how to enjoy it. :o) I love LOOKING at other people's accomplishments though! Your tulips are FABULOUS!! I love them. You really are so talented. I hope you guys have a fun birthday party today! :o)

corrie said...

Your strawberries look great, ours haven't ripened yet, but now I can't wait! I love the purple tulips, such a terrific color!

Witz End said...

My garden is one of the things I miss the most about my house. Working in someone elses garden is just not the same!

Cadance said...

I ♥ fresh strawberries! YUMMY!
I wish I could grow something...I think I'm bad luck...even when I does not work =(

I can grow herbs!

Julia said...

Oh I love gardening. I can't believe you have strawberries. Something must be wrong with ours. We have a big pile of plants but no strawberries.

I'll have to post on my plantings later. I hesitate because so little comes of them, but i love how the back deck looks...all green and colorful. Good work!

Heather said...

I love gardening! Isn't it so fun?! I got my tulips from TP also - it's a fun surprise not knowing what colors to expect. And I'm so jealous of the strawberries - I'm planting mine soon!

Chelsea said...

Everything looks beautiful! Great work! You are so right about seeing lasting results from gardening work. I love it for the same reason.

Omgirl said...

Is that weed growing in that one picture???

I got my tulip bulbs from TGP a couple years ago too. But mine had NO purple. I'm totally jealous!

I also have no strawberries this year (I planted new ones but they won't bloom until late summer, if at all). JEALOUS.