Thursday, February 28, 2008

A haunting and a few other things

The ghost in my office has been really active lately. I wonder why? The building I work in is about 50 years old, and its ugly. Really ugly. The floor and walls are still covered in the circa 1962 orange that I'm sure was here when the offices were created. It doesn't seem like the type of place that would be haunted. But I suppose the ghost doesn't care. He's comfortable here.

I'm sitting here at my desk trying to concentrate, but there is so much racket going on in the office upstairs - the sound of file drawers being slammed shut and stuff being slid across the floor. It sounds like someone is rearranging furniture. I suppose it would't be too strange, except for the fact that the office upstairs is vacant. The tenants moved out last summer. I even went up to check, just in case I missed that someone had moved in. But there's absolutely no furniture there.

I probably sound crazy - but I swear that I'm not. In fact, most of my coworkers have had more than one "strange" occurance in this building. And when the building flooded a few months ago, the renovation crew got so spooked one night that they high-tailed it outta here, and refused to work after dark. So, if I'm crazy then they are all too.

I know this is a totally random blog post. I've been pretty much MIA in the blog-o-sphere this week. I was really sick last weekend - fever of 104.8 and pretty much confined to my bed. I'm feeling better, but I just don't have my energy back yet. And work has been kicking my butt - all this warm weather has developers chomping at the bit to get their projects going.

The funny thing is, I've got about 3 or 4 things swimming around in my head that I'd love to post, but I don't have the time (or energy) to form a coherent thought. So I suppose y'all will have to settle for this random post until I can put together something descent to say. But before I go, I do want to brag that I ran my fastest mile ever last night - somewhere in the neighborhood of an 8 minute mile (which is completely contrary to my lack of energy). Not super speedy by any stretch, but for me its great. Smokin' fast. Think I can run my 1/2 marathon in under 2 next month?


Kristine said...

Ok Christie, I would be so freaked out by that! Remind me never to be around late at night when YOU are telling ghost stories!

Koreena said...

That would scare me so badly, there's no way I could work there! I'm a total wimp. You're very brave!

Lindsay said...

OK, I'm such a nerd for ghost stories, I can't wait to hear more!

carrie said...

Ditto what Lindsay said!! Stephanie Fairbank's sister has a "ghost story"...and I keep begging them to share!! ;o) I'm a nerd, I know....but oh well!!
YAY!! (on the fast mile you ran!!) I'm so jealous of your running ability!! I wish we lived closer, so you could help me out. I NEED HELP!! I want to go running with people, but I totally suck!! I told Steph Nielson that I could just lag behind them a mile or two....and I know that would be the case with you, too....but I still would love the company!! You're awesome!!

Tiburon said...

Seriously that ghost thing would be the last straw. I would quit on the spot!
I hope you are all feeling better!. 8 minutes is great. I ran an 11 minute mile on Wednesday and wanted to party - that was a 5 minute improvement for me. I most certainly couldn't do 26 of those in a row!

Stephanie F. said...

As I was reading your post, I was thinking, "Carrie is loving this"! Haha! I don't think ghosts are too scary unless they feel scary, know what I mean?
Way to go on your fastest mile! You are awesome :)

Gina said...

Oh I so love ghost stories!! Tell more about your ghost please!! I'm so excited because the new season of Ghost Hunters starts next Wednesday!! I've been watching the Ghost Hunters International but I like the original so much better!! Fun story...and I believe you!!

Julia said...

Okay well I have to restate what I've stated either on my blog or someone else's. I totally believe in ghosts and I can't think about them or I know they will appear. Having had my own ghost experience, I don't doubt any others'. I'd be freaked out too, but at least the ghost isn't on your floor (yet).

You can totally do the 1/2. They are so fun. If my foot wasn't still a mess I'd do it with you.

I'm also with you on the blog posts that roll around in my head. I'm always like, "oh i'll post this" and then I just forget them or they seem dumb when I actually start writing.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love ghost stories! I just had a run-in with my mother-in-law (deceased - I never met her, but live in her house) last week. I need to get that experience posted to my blog.

Congrats on the new PR. I'm sure you can do the 1/2 - you're such a strong woman! I'm getting geared up to start the C25K program - you (and 2 weddings this summer) have motivated me to start running again.


Hayley said...

i read this yesterday. i also read your older link. totally creepy! i would be so freaked out. but i think its so interesting that its happening to a real person. i totally believe that kinda thing can happen. as long as he's not mean/evil - what's the big deal, right?

Lynita said...

So when it comes to the super-natural I am a believer in ghosts. Didn't we go see 6th Sense together? Yeah that was a little too close to the truth for me and I still get a bit jumpy from time to time. My basement in our building has the perfect motif for a horror movie and so does our elevator. It helps that the building is something like 60 years old! But I hate doing laundry down there at night, but that is the only time I can get it done. So I make my hubby escort me down there all the time! Silly I know, it's just that I am a wus when it comes to that sort of thing!
By the way I am glad that you're feeling better, it sucks to be sick like that, especially on the weekend!

Angie said...

Oh, I totally believe in ghosts! I have some really fun stories about DH's family business (it's in a 100 year old building) and I have experienced soooo many weird things there first-hand. It's fun but creepy too! Nobody really believes it until it happens to them! But having experienced something similar to you - there is no denying it! Keep us posted on any other strange happenings, maybe I'll have to blog about my own one of these days too!

I'm glad you're feeling better. Both my son and I have been sick lately too and I'm so tired of it!

You'll have to keep sharing

Angie said...

By the way - I didn't type that last line: You'll have to keep sharing

I have no idea where that came from! Weird!

Erin said...

Christie-that doesn't bother you?! Hope you get your energy back soon!

Here is the website for that place we took the kids:

Hope you can go--it is so much fun!

janae said...

That's so crazy. I thought I left a message late last night. Maybe the ghost erased it. I was having a hard time going to sleep because Tom was out of town and thinking about ghosts made me scared. Plus it was really windy last night. I like hearing about ghosts, but I'd freak out if something like that happened to me.

Chelsea said...

I believe in ghosts too. I've never had personal experiences with them (despite growing up in a house that was 250 years old) but I know enough people who have and I believe them. I loved the stories about your uncle's house. I wish I had a ghost who would clean the house for me! Talk about a friendly spirit! :D