Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Imaginary husbands

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how my 3 year old got to be so precocious. G and I had the following converstaion on the way home from daycare yesterday:

G: When we get home, I'm going to have a party in my room

me: Who's coming to your party

G: Just me and my pretend husband

me: You have a husband?

G: Yes, but he's just pretend

me: Oh, what is his name?

G: Its a really handsome name - see if you can guess. His name starts with an "S"

(she'd told me earlier that she thought Steve was a handsome name)

me: Is it Steve?

G: Yes! How did you guess?

me: I'm just smart like that. I have a cousin named Steve, and he has a mullet.

G: You're so funny mommy!


The Gatherum Family said...

so cute. Is your last name Hutchings or Hutchins? I am changing the names on my link list to last names...:)Thanks.

The Gatherum Family said...

K good, I'm glad I got it right. Sometimes I think an "imaginary" husband might be kinda nice, eh?!?!?!

Julia said...

Oh man I have like 10 imaginary husbands that like to do chores, run the kids around, make millions and pleasure me to no end (sick, huh?). haha. You tell G to keep dreaming.

Lynita said...

That is so funny! Kaitlyn loves to pretend she is getting married, she has this huge piece of lace that she turns into a viel. Then she says who is going to be my husband? Unfortunately since daddy works so much and Ethan "doesn't know how to play my pretend game" I usually get to play the part! I like to imagine a husband too, one who is rich and retired, who can take me out on a date and takes the kids to Grandmas for a week so I can rest! Oh imagining is so great!

Hayley said...

i love kids & their predictability & imagination. they're so funny!!! sorry has a mullet.

janae said...

An imaginary husband would be the best! They'd always do exactly what you want and always agree with you. You could even have them do the things you didn't want to do, lol! I love little conversations like this with kids. I told my kids at Christmas I was giving them each an imaginary friend for Christmas. You should have seen the looks on the older kids faces. Not thrilled!

janae said...

Hey, I think your last name is my maiden name! Wonder if we're related.

Christie said...

We may be, distantly. Hubby's family is from Vernal, but way back Springville.

Savage Family said...

That is so cute!

carrie said...

I loved this, Christie!! I also loved Julia's comment. It is totally the truth!! :o)

Megan said...

I was thinking the same thing as Julia!!

I love this age!! Hannah is just entering it. I remember when you first started telling us funny things that G said & I couldn't wait until Hannah was saying such things.

Jan said...

I love hearing about kids and their imaginary 'friends' -- creative, bright and funny . Gotta love that.

Midwest Mom said...

i am working hard to get my blog up and running. I think I am over TLOL journals. I have been reading for 6 years but am really liking the blog thing.

Does it take a long time to upload photos to your bog? And I love that you can download songs too. Not quite sure how to do it but hopefully I can figure it out.

I just tried and it seemed like it was taking forever!
Thanks for getting in touch with me!!
Midwest Mom, TLOL

Midwest Mom said...

Hi again,
Just double checked my blog and its actually Midwestmomof3.blogspot. There is another Midwest mom out there already...so I am not as clever as I thought ;)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Chelsea said...

Gracelin has already figured out that mullet=handsome!