Monday, February 04, 2008

101 things about me . . .

. . . 'cause I'm different like that:

1. I bite my fingernails - nasty habit.

2. I love to eat

3. I don't love to cook

4. I hate doing laundry

5. I love cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes

6. I have a degree in planning and resource management. I went into that field because of the resource management and I work as a planner

7. My favorite season is autumn

8. I like cold weather better than warm weather

9. I want to live in a small town

10. I was a member of Greenpeace and had aspirations of saving the world

11. I was a vegetarian throughout most of high school and college

12. I now drive an SUV.

13. I believe in ghosts

14. I like to eat sugar way more than I should

15. I'm terrified of spiders. Really scared. My fear is somewhat unnatural.

16. I'm also afraid of heights

17. I have been to 37 states

18. I've wanted to be skinner than I am for my entire life

19. I have a bad temper, and sometimes feel like I yell at my kids too much

20. I am a good swimmer, but I'm scared of deep water

21. My favorite food really is salad

22. I'm left handed

23. I have one brother and one sister

24. I can't whistle

25. I don't like perfume or anything that is supposed to smell good

26. My knees are double jointed and can bend waaaay backwards

27. I never remember my dreams

28. I'm not outgoing, and it takes me a long time to make a good friend (except Lynita, Alison, Gareth, and Sean - and somehow we became the "Fab 5" almost immediately)

29. The first boy that I kissed was Joe. We were 14, and it was on the stage after a church activity. I thought I was in love. Joe is now a meth addict, and in prison for murder.

30. I've never smoked or done illegal drugs

31. I have drunk a lot of alcohol

32. I have a tatoo

33. I love to read, but I don't read very often because once I start a good book I cannot stop. I just don't have the lifestyle right now where I can stay up until 4am reading a book

34. I have aspirations of writing a novel. In fact, I've started many times, but always lose interest.

35. I am a convert to the LDS church. Some days I think that I only keep going to church because it is a habit.

36. I was born in Gary, Indiana

37. I grew up mostly in Kentucky. I love it there, and would move back if given the chance

38. My ultimate goal in life is to one day run an ultra-marathon (100 mile race)

39. I would really like to have one more baby, but I worry I'm getting too old

40. I want plastic surgery - I want a tummy tuck and a bigger chin

41. I am not a republican. I'm not sure that I'm a democrat either, but I'm sure I'm not republican

42. I'm not a big TV watcher, but I love American Idol

43. I also rarely miss a Jazz game on TV

44. I have asthma

45. I am allergic to peanuts, but I craved peanut butter while pregnant with G. So I would take Benedryl so I could eat it

46. I am a hard worker - which is actually an understatement. When we were doing the sprinklers in our last house, we had to dig a huge trench to reach the water connection. I was in the bottom digging, while Ben stood at the top b.s.-ing with some neighbors. My dad drove up, and wasn't even suprised to see his daughter digging a hole while the men watched.

47. I love true crime and horror movies and books

48. I don't wear much make-up, although I wear moisturizer and mascara every day

49. I'm not a "pretty" girl. I don't know how to fix my hair and make-up cute, and I'm not very fashionable

50. I love playing Barbies with my kids

51. I play the piano and guitar (sort of)

52. I am really good at leading music - somehow my body just "feels" it

53. I love maps, and sometimes I get to make them at work

54. I love road trips

55. I love to travel. My favorite place I've ever visited is Denali National Park. So amazing!

56. It only takes me about 10 minutes to get ready in the morning (I shower at night)

57. I eat granola for breakfast every single day

58. Although I love to ski, I'm not really very good at it

59. Although I love to run, I'm not very fast

60. I often say that my best talent is making others look good (in comparison to me)

61. I think that I have pretty skin and teeth

62. I hate my ugly, droopy eyes

63. If I could do it all again, I'd go back to school in either the medical field or forensic anthropology

64. I used to be an EMT, but I let my certifications lapse

65. I am a grammar natzi

66. I cannot spell to save my life (thank heavens for spell checker!!)

67. I love hiking, backpacking, camping, etc - pretty much anything associated with the out-of-doors

68. I am embarassed when people can hear me pee. On my wedding night, we stayed in a very quaint B&B, but there was only a curtain to the bathroom. I made Ben go into the hall so I could pee.

69. I was not a virgin on my wedding night (I did not plan for this to be item #69 - I promise)

70. I'm anal retentive.

71. I have endometriosis

72. I used to do Passion Parties

73. I like to make my own jewelry

74. I am in my 30s, and my dad still scares me

75. I have family memebers who are mentally ill, and others who suffer from drug and/or alcohol dependence. It scares the crap out of me that my kids my inherit those tendencies.

76. My eyes are green

77. My wedding ring is only a size 4 1/2 - how my fingers are so much skinnier than the rest of me I will never know.

78. I hate fishing

79. I am a low-maintenance girl, and pride myself in that fact. But some days, I wish I could be a bit more polished and made-up

80. I'm terrible at team sports

81. My most embarassing moment was in college, when I was sitting with some friends at a basketball game. Its was half-time, and they were having a contest in the middle of the floor where some guys were competing for prizes by trying to shoot baskets. I made a comment to the girl sitting next to me about how much the guys sucked (really, none of them could make anything). She answered back that one was her brother. Oops.

82. I should have more embarassing moments, but I'm such a spaz that everything blurrs together.

83. I hate Valentine's Day

84. I am a good mother

85. I'm not a very good friend. If it wasn't for the internet, I'd have lost touch with 90% of my friends

86. I love shopping - its my therapy

87. I recycle

88. I feel pretty passionate about prescription drug abuse. I think that doctors WAAAAY overprescribe medications in a lot of cases (I'm not saying that there aren't some people out there who legitimately need it), but it causes so many problems. I know so many people who's lives have been ruined because of careless doctors

89. I love sleep

90. I love rain - most especially when accompanied by thunder and lightening

91. Gloomy weather makes me cheery - I hate hot and sunny days

92. I clean my kitchen every day

93. I have green eyes

94. I loathe Disneyland, Disney World, Disney movies, Disney character clothing, etc. Basicly I hate Disney! Unfortunately, my girls LOVE Disney (and so does their father). I think I'm out-voted on this one.

95. I hate being pregnant, but I love my kids

96. I like to think that I'm frugal, but in all honesty, I think I'm probably just cheap

97. I am a "glass is 1/2 full" kind of person

98. I don't like talking on the phone

99. I am not a homebody - I love to be out and about

100. My mom and sister are my best friends

101. My children are my greatest accomplishment

**I've been working on this since the night of the PW potluck. It took forever!


Savage Family said...

You good Christie!! I loved reading yours!! It was so fun to read all those things about you!! I finished my 100 yesterday and I want to make it a link on my blog but I am not sure how to do that? Got any suggestions? Yes I did find what I was looking for. It was fun seeing you!!

Omgirl said...
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Omgirl said...

Wow, I learned a lot about you! Some things I knew, others I never would have guessed. I laughed when you wrote you are a grammar Natzi (not Nazi) and then followed it by saying you're a bad speller! I also laughed about your wedding night pee story! Hehehe. I also think you have pretty skin and pretty teeth and I have NEVER once thought you have droopy eyes. anyway, cool to read! I think I'll do that on my blog one day when I can't think of anything.

Christie said...

Thanks Arianne - I'm glad someone got my lame attempt at humor

carrie said...

Christie!! I absolutely loved reading this!! I started my 100 list, after I read Lindsay's....and I'm still not done!! Maybe I'm too boring?? Anyway, I loved learning about you. I, too, have consumed way too much alcohol in my lifetime. Sorry to say, but it's true true true. :o) It is the one thing that still tempts me....if that makes sense?? I don't know if that's normal, but I guess it's not bad unless I gave in...and I never would. Jason and I have worked too hard....
I was sad to read that you don't think you're pretty. We are all way too hard on ourselves. I was thinking at Anne Marie's party the other night...that you have such a pretty smile, and you always look cute. I thought your hair was really cute curly, too. :o)
I didn't know you have a tattoo!! Jason has a few....and I don't like tattoos, so I'm always giving him a hard time. ha ha I'm too much of a whimp though, so even if I liked them, I'd be too scared to get one. :o)
I was laughing OUT LOUD about your first kiss guy. Isn't it funny how life changes?? Yikes.... You did give me some good ideas on what to add to my own 100 list. ha ha I don't want to scare people too much with all the gory details of my past life. ha ha
You're awesome...and I love reading everything you write, so get started on that book already!! I'll be your test-reader (or whatever they're called...) 'cause I personally LOVE to stay up 'til 4am reading, even if it is soooo not practical. ha ha
Sorry for the long comment!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi! I love your blog and read it religiously. I am a TLOL-er and have a journal there but am ineterested in starting a blog of my own. I too love to run BUT have recently suffered from waaay too many "running" injuries for my age- which is 37. Loved the 101 list and love that you are so real. Thanks for sharing,
Midwest Mom at TLOL

The Gatherum Family said...

I love this list. We have lot's in common. I do not think you have droopy eyes and I think you are a very pretty girl. I have a size 5 wedding ring and very small wrists and I often wonder why the improportion to the rest of me?!?!? One of those things that'll never make sense...

Anne Marie said...
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Anne Marie said...

Christie, the thing I love the most was your first kiss story. I thought it was hilarious because MY first kiss was also at the church at an activity, and he is now in prison for life for child porn! It's like my only claim to fame!