Sunday, February 03, 2008

Snowed in

Its only 10am, and I already feel like its time for bed. The day began early for me - at 5am - when Burton's barking woke me up. Ben was up getting ready for work (yes, he works at 6am on Sunday mornings) and he woke the dog. So, I got up too. I knew it was supposed to have snowed during the night, as the forecast read:

A major winter storm is moving through Utah. Snow will accumulate along the Northern and Southern Wasatch Front, but because of the Oquirrh Mountain snow shadow, the Salt Lake Valley will not see heavy snow until around midday, when the cold front moves through Salt Lake City. Accumulations will be heaviest in the Ogden and Provo East Bench areas with 5 to 9 inches, while the valleys along the Wasatch Front will accumulate between 2 and 5 inches. Much heavier snow will fall in the Wasatch Mountain Valleys with 8 to 16 inches around Park City and Liberty. The mountains will accumulate from 18 to 36 inches. Even the central and southern valleys will see significant accumulations from this storm. Those planning to travel on Sunday should be very careful, and should have a winter travel survival kit with them; and they should advise someone of their plans in case there are problems while traveling throughout the state.

That forecast may sound scary to some, but it didn't even faze me. After all the snow we've seen this season, I didn't give it a second thought. Especially since we live in the aforementioned "snow shadow" of the Oquirrh Mountains. I was expecting an inch or two - nothing more. So, imagine my suprise when I opened the door for Burton and a wall of snow fell into the house. It appeared that about 18 inches of snow had drifted up to the doors. I told Ben to take my car, since I have 4 wheel drive. It would leave me stranded all day, but I figured we'd be ok. (instead of regular church, today is a conference - aka bye week) He left, and I snuggled myself back into bed, hoping for a couple more hours of sleep. I had just about drifted off when I realized in horror that I had let Ben take the car with the only diapers and wipes inside. And he wouldn't be back until mid afternoon. That is a long time to go without diapers and wipes. Bryn had Mexican food for dinner - lots and lots of taco salad. We're gonna need diapers.

Then I remembered that I had some old swim diapers from the summer. I found 3 of them, along with a few wipes, under the bathroom vanity. Baring any major catastrophe, we should be ok. I snuggled back into bed.

When the girls woke 2 hours later, we got up and made some breakfast. I tried to let Burton outside again, only he wouldn't go out. The snow was deeper than he is tall. So much snow had fallen. I watched as my neighbor across the street tried to take his super-sized truck out in the snow - but the snow was too deep. It was about as tall as the big tires on his truck, and he got stuck in the middle of the cul-de-sac.

I decided that I needed to go out and shovel, as it was still coming down. I didn't want it to get too deep to ever be able to shovel. We may be snowed in until March. And I'm not kidding. I set the girls up with some food and a movie, and stepped into my snow boots while still in my PJs. As I opened the garage, this was the scene that greated me:
It may be difficult to see, because its so dark. The snow in the foreground was about as deep as the snow shovel blade - roughly 12 inches. But it had drifted away from the house. You can see a ridge of snow in the background that is a full foot deeper. 2 feet of snow, and it was still coming down in snowball sized flakes.
I decided to shovel the porch first. It may not seem so deep - but look closely. There are 3 steps up to my porch and only one is visible.
After shoveling the front walk, it quickly became aparent that I would not be able to shovel the enitre driveway in a reasonable amount of time. The girls were inside alone, and I could only trust them for so long. So I decided to at least shovel the side Ben would need to get up, assuming he actually was able to make it home. The snow on the driveway was at least 2 feet deep. I had to shovel a path first - look how deep! It took me 45 minutes to shovel just enough of the driveway for Ben to hopefully get the car inside the driveway. I was actually having fun, and would have finished the job if the girls hadn't been inside alone. And all I could think was: when can I go skiing?

The girls are stir-crazy today. We're not homebodies. I'd love to go outside and play in the snow mounts, but the girls snow pants, gloves and coats are . . . guess where? . . . in my car. So, its 10am, and I'm letting the girls eat Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew for an early lunch because I just can't handle their whining.

Oh - and the satellite is out - full of snow I'm sure. We've got a fridge full of food and a Super Bowl party planned - assuming anyone can get here. And we can get the satellite going again (someone needs to climb on the roof and clean it up). Should be an interesting day . . . I'll have to update tomorrow.

Thanks too for the great cleaning tips. I've merged Anne Marie and Carrie's bathroom cleaning tip: this morning while the girls bathed, I wiped down the bathroom. Only took 5 minutes, and it looks one million times better. Great tips! Anyone wanna tell me how to keep on my laundry too?


The Gatherum Family said...

We are snowed in too, not literally but they cancelled church which ROCKS! Anyways, I made your salsa for our Super Bowl Party and I just tried it and it is DELICIOUS! Thanks so much. As for keeping up on your laundry, I try to do it twice a week, 3 or 4 loads at a time. It's easier than doing 7 or 8 all at once.

Stephanie said...

Bye week, haha! I'm going to giggle about that for a while. :) Hot pockets and Mtn Dew? I want to be snowed in at your house! Hope your husband gets home safe and you can go skiing soon!

Gina Steinagel said...

Christie...That's a great post!! I've been there with the diaper shortage and I've also had to use the swimmer diapers!! I can not believe how much snow you guys are getting!! You are a good woman to go out in that crap and shovel it off the sidewalk...I wouldn't go out if my life depended on it!! But it sounds like you like the snow...I'm loving the 72 degrees we had today in NC!! Anyway I too would love some wash is impossible to keep up on 6 peoples wash!!

Lynita said...

Okay why is it that the moment we leave Utah you get all the snow in the world! Seriously jealous!! My inlaws live in Thatcher, UT and they had 5 and 6 feet in some places, and of course church was canceled. My father-in-law has a snow blower and a plow on his four wheeler and still spent 5 1/2 hours shoveling his place and his neighbors place! Crazy, meanwhile we have 60 degree weather and rain on the East Coast! But at least the Giants won! Go Giants!

Chelsea said...

That's some serious snow!! Wow.

Your comment about Burton not wanting to go out in the deep snow reminded me of this:

Tiburon said...

Love it! I just did a snowed in post too. I am getting really sick of this weather. I hope your satellite came back for the game - it was awesome!

Julia said...

I cannot believe all that snow. We barely got any at all and therefore made it to church almost on time.

I shoveled what little we had last night while Ellie went sledding down the giant snow pile.

I hope Ben made it home okay and you had a good super bowl party. I didn't even watch...I was having too much fun shoveling and sledding.

Julia said...

Oh an on the laundry thing...I'm just so obsessed with laundry that even when there is nothing to wash, i find something to wash. It's a sickness and Jeff is always yelling at me because as we are leaving the house I'm trying to get a batch started so I'll be one step ahead.

Saturday night I woke up at 1 and couldn't sleep so I washed all the rugs in the house. Of course I want to put anything away, but I love when the baskets are empty.

I do two loads a day no matter what. And that's only for two adults and 1.5 kids. I don't know what I'd do if I had more.

carrie said...

Hi Christie!! I loved this post... I don't know if you know this, but I used to live out that way. Riverton, really....but it is now Herriman. (It used to be just a neighborhood in the middle of a corn field. ha ha) I still remember how MUCH snow we used to get out that way. It was TONS.
I love the idea of Hot Pockets and Mtn Dew, too!! :o) That sounds so good to me right now....ha ha
You're so funny. You have such a great outlook on everything.
As for laundry....I can't think of any special tips. I'm a laundry freak. I don't like anyone else to do the laundry, 'cause I like it done a certain way. (I know, I'm too anal) We have SO MUCH laundry to do, all the I guess I need to be more like Julia and do my laundry regularly, no matter what. I swear, I'd have 4 loads to do daily..... YIKES. I'll be checking your blog for some good tips. :o) Drive carefully, by the way!! We had to stop and pull TWO cars out of the snow today. BTW, I love your Toad The Wet Sprocket song on your blog. I love them....

carrie said...

Yes, it's really after one in the morning and I'm reading blogs. Sad, huh?? I can't sleep tonight.... Too much on my mind!! :o)