Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Totally random things

Thanks for all the concern for Gracelin.  Overall, she is doing much better.  She is still so pale and skinny (she's not eating much).  And she's got big purple circles under her eyes.  But I think she's probably just wiped out from her traumatic weekend.  She hasn't lost her sweetness.
Anyway . . .now to my real blog post of the day.  I'm going to talk about yesterday.  Yesterday was the strangest day.  Have you ever had a day where things were almost surreal?  Well, that was yesterday for me.  So weird. 
First of all, let me tell you about what happened on my lunch break.  I was in line for a salad at my favorite lunch place. It is a very busy place at lunch, and I'd been in line about 15 minutes. I was next to order, behind a group of 3 women, all around 50-ish. Right as they were about to order, one of the women PEED HER PANTS. She was a very thin and stylish woman, but she was wearing tight khaki pants, and it was very noticeable what had happened.  I felt so badly for her.  But, here's the weird part - she still made her order, waited in line for her food, and carried the tray of food to the table for her and her friends. OMG! I think I blushed for her - meanwhile, she appeared undaunted. I just about died!
The rest of the day went fairly routine.  But, on the way to pick the girls up from DC, I saw an old man on a bike get hit by a car.  He was on a big tricycle-looking bike thing.  I saw him start to cross the road, and almost in slow-motion, saw that he was about to get hit by a car.  I tried to shout out - like I would have done any good - but it was so frustrating to sit there and watch it happen.  I felt so helpless.  But, after it was over, my rusty EMT training kicked right in.  I jumped out of the car and ran to the scene.  I was the only witness and had unfortunately forgotten my cell phone.  The man in the car who had hit the biker was shaken up, but he let me use his cell phone to call 911.  The poor man who had been hit was very disoriented, but seemed ok otherwise.  He kept trying to get up off of the ground, and was very upset that his bike tire was broken.  We were only 2 blocks from the fire station, and they responded quickly.  Luckily the man was ok, and even refused transport. I was amazed that my rusty EMT skills kicked automatically.  And, I was really proud at my ability to be a good witness. But what a day.
What a week.  I'm ready to go back to my boring life.
Oh - and I may as well update on my running.  Today was the first day that I didn't complete the requirements.  I have kind of been struggling this week with the time change - my body still thinks I'm getting up at 3:30 am (as if 4:30 am is much better).  But about 5 minutes into my run I started having abdominal cramping.  I went upstairs to use the restroom, but by the time I got up there I felt better.  So, I went back down to finish my run.  But, about 4 minutes from the end, I had to walk for one minute.  I know that doesn't sound horrible, but its enough to make me feel like I need to repeat this week.  So, I probably will.  At least I'm trying, right?

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Sara L said...

Glad to hear that G is on the mend.

What a wild day you had.

I started the couch to 5k program yesterday! You were my inspiration.