Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We survived!

First off, I just want to thank everyone for your concern for my girls. I really appreciate all the kind words!

My biggest worry about the surgery was the fact that the girls couldn't eat after midnight. I wasn't too worried about Gracelin, but poor Bryn has been waking a lot in the nights lately - and I always have to nurse her back to sleep. And, wouldn't you know it - she woke up at 12:07. I decided that it was close enough to midnight, so I went in and nursed her a bit so she'd go back to sleep. She woke 2 more times after that (it was an especially bad night) and both times I just let her cry it out. We had to leave for the hospital at 6:45, and when I went in to wake her, I found that she had fallen asleep sitting up and holding her Hello Kitty doll.

So, we got the girls up and left for the hospital in our PJs (even mommy), and got there right on time at 7:30. My mom took the day off of work and met us there thinking we'd need the help. It took them about 30 minutes to call us back, and both girls were distracted enough that they didn't notice how hungry they should have been. When we finally got back to the room, they got the girls in their gowns and took vitals. They were both so sweet. Bryn was laughing at everyone, and she even held her arms out to the nurse to be held. G was just as sweet as ever.

They took Bryn back first. She was so happy and smiley - they said she giggled right up until the time when they put her to sleep. I went to wait in recovery for her while Ben and my mom waited with G. Her surgery only took a few minutes, and when they brought her back to me she was barely crying. She just wanted to nurse, so we sat and quietly cuddled for a few minutes. But, then the nurse came in to put drops in her ear. That really made her mad. She cried and cried and cried. For over an hour, until finally she just cried herself to sleep. Even as she slept, she kept whimpering and crying intermittantly. (As she laid there, I notied that she had 4 teeth coming in.) The doctor came in and told me that the tubes went great, but that afterwards she was still failing the hearing test. Poor girl.

Gracelin went second. Of course I wasn't there when she got taken back, but Ben said they put her into the bed and wheeled her away. She cried out for daddy as they took her away, and it was very sad. Her surgery was a bit more intensive, since she had her adenoids out. She had to be intubated and have an IV, and she was gone almost an hour. When they finally wheeled her out afterwards, she was barely crying. I was holding a finally sleeping Bryn, so she went with daddy. She was doing amazingly well, and just wanted the promised popsicle. She ate it quickly, and then told us that she was all better and ready to go home. Her arm was still in the IV though. It was all wrapped up in pink curlex, which had to be unwrapped and then the IV taken out of her hand. She watched intently the entire time, but never flinched. She did ask to take the curlex home to wrap her dollies in though. And she was very proud of the bandaid she got over the hole.

The doctor came back and told me that G's adenoids were very pussy and infected. She probably felt sick constantly from them. She also had a difficult time with the tubes. One of the ear drums was all scabby (it has ruptured twice in the past couple of months). The other ear drum had ripped, and had to be patched. She told me to expect a couple of miserable days with G.

Apparently G missed that memo. She has done amazingly well. By the time we got home, she was ravenous and ate an entire pancake with lots of hashbrowns. Then she took a 4 hour nap. When she woke up she was ravenous again, and ate a quesadilla dipped in spicy tomatillo and cilantro sauce. And a couple of hours later she asked to have Cincinnati Chili for dinner. Oh, and did I mention she didn't have any pain medication all day! Brynlee was a little bit cranky. She also took a couple of long naps, but seemed fine by bedtime.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad they're okay, I hope they're starting to feel better. Poor babies! TTYL