Monday, November 13, 2006

Tomorrow is the big day

Yep - that's right. Tomorrow both of my babies will have surgery. Gracelin's been scheduled to have her tubes put back in and her adnoids removed. Actually, only one of the tubes has fallen out - the one in her right ear is still intact. But, the ENT thinks that she'll just put a second tube in that ear, because its likely it won't last too long. She's also removing G's adnoids, because she thinks they may be enlarged and blocking her ear canals. It is a bit of a worry since she'll have to be intubated and have an IV. So, there is a bit of a risk for surgery and recovery will be longer than just for tubes. But, if it means she's feeling better it will be worth it. I'm so tired of sick kids.

Poor Bryn's been sick forever (or so it seems). On Friday, the ENT decided that they could "squeeze her in" to an appointment next to G's and get tubes in her ears as well. She hasn't had as many infections as her older sister has, but we're thinking that with the history of our family's ears its better to just put them in. Bryn's surgery should be much simpler. She'll just be sedated wth gas, and the entire prodecure is only 10 minutes.

I'll be so glad to have my girls sick less often. G at least handles the antibiotic fairly well, but poor Bryn does not. Last week was hell. She was crabby from the ear infection. But, the antibiotic gives her diahrrea, which caused a terrible yeast infection/diaper rash. Oh, and did I mention she was teething on top of that? Um, yah. Tubes should be a piece-o-cake.

We've been trying to prepare Gracelin. I don't think she really understands. Her biggest concern is whether or not she gets a bandaid, sticker, or lollypop after the procedure. I told her she can have one of each.


Valerie said...

Hope everything goes well with both of your girls today.

LisserB said...

I hope your girls both do well today and heal quickly! *hugs*

Megan (Hannah's Mama) said...

Glad that everything went well & that despite the warning, G is recovery GREAT!! I must be hormonal, because I got all choked up reading it. I can't imagine how I'd be if it was my kidlets!!