Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I guess I can add dumpster diving to my list of accomplishments

Did I post the other day about losing my keys at church? Well, I did. They seeminly vanished into thin air. Lying in bed that night, I retraced my steps, and remembered that I'd thrown away a 1/2 eaten granola bar and an empty bag of fruit snacks. I convinced myself that they keys had somehow ended up in the trash with the garbage I threw away.

So, driving home from work Monday night I went past the church building. There were people there, so I dropped the girls off with Ben and headed over to check the garbage cans. I went inside, and was met by the man who was cleaning. He had already taken out the trash, but had keys to all of the rooms in the building. He helped me look in all the rooms, but the keys were nowhere to be found. They must be in the trash.

I drove my car to the edge of the parking lot where the dumpster is. I kept my lights on so they would shine inside. Luckily there were only 6 bags of garbage inside. Without even thinking, I climbed inside to begin my search. Amazingly, the third bag I opened contained the 1/2 eaten granola bar and other garbage. I went through the bag piece of garbage by piece of garbage. It was much more disgusting that I'd imagined. There were poopy diapers in there, and smashed up cupcake that got under my fingernails. It was cold and lightly snowing, and I was wearing only my work clothes with no coat. And after all that work, my keys were nowhere to be found.

Disheartened, I then realized that I was stuck inside of the dumpster. The lowest side hit me mid-chest, and the sides were completely smooth. I kind of panicked a bit, sure I was going to freeze to death inside the trash. Ben knew where I'd gone, and would eventually miss me. Right? But of course I do have the car with the carseats, so how would he come to look for me? I think at that point, there sheer will to live got me out - as I clawed my way over the side. Without my keys.

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