Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Things never go according to plan

I was planning on coming on today to post adorable pictures of my little girls in their Halloween costumes, but things obviously didn’t go as planned. Gracelin wanted to be a princess, and we found her a Snow White dress at Target. We’d planned to put Gracelin’s old frog costume on. I left work early to pick up the girls, figuring that would give us plenty of time.

When I picked up the girls, they were both happy and G was excited to go out trick-or-treating. She had a bag of candy and I let her have one sucker out of it, not realizing she’d been eating of treats all day. We rarely let her eat treats (especially candy) so she was really excited. For the first ½ of the drive (our commute is around 30 minutes) she kept telling me, “I’m eating candy, I’m eating candy, I’m eating candy”. Then, she suddenly stopped and handed me her sucker. She told me that she didn’t want anymore. I turned to look at her. Her skin had turned a sick shade of green and she was drooling out of the corner of her mouth. I knew we were in big trouble. I rolled down the window to let in some fresh air, but to no avail. She puked, and then puked again, and again and again. UGH. Poor girl. I didn’t realize that a 2-year-old tummy could hold that much. And since we were almost home, she just had to sit in it.

Once we were safely home, I stripped her down in the garage and headed straight for the bathroom. Luckily Bryn was content to play on the floor next to us. Finally Ben and my mom showed up. My mom had come over to see the girls in their costumes, and I was so grateful she was there to keep the girls occupied. Ben and I headed out to the garage, and it took us over an hour to clean the car and G’s carseat. Luckily we have leather seats, so the actual car cleaning wasn’t too bad. But her carseat was bad. There were vomit chunks in all the nooks and crannies. We physically had to take the entire thing apart, piece-by-piece. My car still smells today. Good thing I’m not pregnant.

(Gracelin has a propensity to puke at the drop of a hat. I cannot count the number of times she’s gotten sick in the car. Ben and I have decided that since Bryn needs a new carseat anyway, we’re going to give her G’s and then buy G a new one that converts to a booster and is easier to clean. {{KNOCK ON WOOD}} Bryn doesn’t seem to have the weak tummy of her older sister)

By the time we got things cleaned up, my mom had fed the girls dinner. G was starving, and ate an entire quesadilla, lots of black beans, and a glass of milk. The real food tasted so good to her. Then, she was ready to trick-or-treat, but Bryn was ready for bed. We dressed up the girls and attempted a few pictures, but they really didn’t turn out. (Maybe I’ll dress them up on Friday and try a photoshoot. I had the idea of getting some cute pics of a princess kissing a frog.)

We did make it out to trick-or-treat. G had a blast. She totally got it, and knew if she was extra cute she’d get more candy. Bryn was just happy to be included, and laughed and cooed the entire time. Ben and Grandma only took the girls to a few houses of neighbors we knew, but they both scored. They came home very tired. I was expecting G to want more candy, but she had no desire. I bet it’s a long time before she’ll want any sweets. We got them in the bath (G with her 2nd bath in an hour) and put them in bed early. Both girls were asleep by 7:30, which is a good thing! Mommy and Daddy have been battling a nasty virus, and really needed an early night.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry they weren't feeling well, but I'm glad they enjoyed the evening anyway. I hope G is feeling better and that you got some cute pictures even if they weren't on Halloween! TTYL