Thursday, November 09, 2006

From the mouths of babes

Ok - I swear Bryn is starting to talk. Yesterday when I picked her up from daycare, I told her to say "bye" like I always do. Usually she doesn't do anything. But yesterday, she held her hand out, with palm facing in, and waved (only because of the way her hand was positioned she was waving at herself). Then she said "eyeeeeeee". The grandma lady in the baby room was so excited that she did it. Since then, she's "waved" at everyone. I can't tell if she's saying hi or bye, since it comes out as "eyeeeeeee" all the time. Also, for the past week or so, she calls Grace "deedee". What a sweet girl.

Grace is hilarious too. Here is a snippit of our conversation from this morning:

G: Mommy, remember when you were mean to daddy and hurt his feelings?
Me: No Gracie, I don't remember that
G: Yes mom. It was yesterday. You were mean to daddy and hurt his feelings. Then I hugged him and made his feelings feel better.

Its funny, because Ben and I didn't argue at all yesterday (if you can believe it), so I'm not sure what she is remembering. She is so nurturing though. Its completely natural to think that she feels a need to make her daddy's feelings all better.

Here is another conversation G and I had in the car yesterday:
G: Mommy, I like my kitty shoes, but my feet are getting too big for them. Maybe I need some Dora shoes.
Me: You've had those shoes since the beginning of the summer. I think its time to buy some new ones.
G: Its because I am big and little at the same time.

I think its very profound for a 2 year old to understand that she is big and little at the same time. I explained to her that she's right. She's bigger than her baby sister (just barely though) but she's smaller than a grown-up. She giggled sweetly.

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