Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sometimes I don't like my husband very much

Today was one of those days. Mornings are always a rush. We wake the girls at 6, and have to be out the door about 6:25 to be on time for everything. So that means, we have to wake them, dress them, and feed them in a short time. As anyone can imagine, it takes careful coordination to make things run smoothly. And one little glitch can throw off the carefully-planned routine.

This morning, however, Brynlee woke at 5am to feed and went back to sleep. Since I knew she wouldn't be hungry again at 6am, I thought I had a few minutes to spare. But then Gracelin woke up grumpy, and wanted me to help her instead of Daddy. Fine. I had a few extra minutes to spare, right? Well, instead of continuing on with things, my hubby sat down in the computer chair and did absolutely nothing to help me. So, I figured since he had some spare time, he could help by bringing a new roll of TP into the girls' bathroom and by giving the baby her medicine. But instead of helping me out, he told me that he had to leave for work in 3 minutes or would be late (first I've ever heard of this. I'm always out the door before him). Then he told me that he was tired of me "bossing him around". WTF? Is this man 29 or 9? As if me asking him to get off of his fat duff and help out was "bossing him around".

I didn't talk to him most of the day. Usually we talk 2-3 time throughout the day, but today I didn't call him at all. Finally around 2pm-ish he called me and acted like nothing ever happened. But I was still pissed and let him know. He had the gall to acuse me of things and to laugh at me. I hung up on him.

I know it sounds childish, but sometimes he is so unreasonable. I just get sick of him. Sometimes I think I'd be happier on my own. I've spent all day really depressed and longing for some way to make myself feel better. I drove around on my lunch break trying to decide where to go buy a giant oreo/caramel shake to blow the hell out of my diet. I ended up with a box of low fat granola bars and settled for one. At least they had chocolate in them.

He'll probably come home tonight, all apologetic and really nice to try and make me feel guilty. Or, he'll be really pissed off at me and won't even talk. Either way, he'll probably think we need to fix things in the bedroom. UGH. Thats the LAST thing I want to do with this man.

I feel sorry too, because it affects the kids. Gracelin kept asking me what was wrong this morning. She's very perceptive, and it bothers her when there is contention in the house. We're probably causing irreversable damage to her growth and development.

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