Monday, September 18, 2006

My big little girl

Gracelin's growing up so quickly. The other day I blinked, and she somehow became a little girl in the place of my little baby. She is so full of life. I simply cannot get enough of her.

Her favorite things include:
  • her little sister - Gracelin loves Bryn to death . . . literally. Lately she's into "fluffing" her and giving her "squeezers" - which are basically tight hugs where the poor baby appears to be smothered.
  • her buddy - aka Daddy - G loves her daddy so much.
  • swimming - the other day, G sadly proclaimed that "thy put the lid on the pool". I had to explain that the pool would reopen again next summer, and she was almost in tears. Swimming with Buddy is definitely her most cherished passtime. She got really brave this summer too. She'll jump off the side of the pool and go completely under the water without even plugging her nose. Of course, Buddy is right there to catch her.
  • spicy foods - this little girl wouldn't eat a piece of fruit or veggie to save her life, but she's been caught drinking salsa straight from the bowl on more than one occasion. I don't worry much. At least she's getting some veggies. She also loves chili, tacos, and lasagne. She's a strange one
  • jumping - I don't think she walks anywhere. Her little calves and thighs are getting muscle definition in them from the constant workout.
  • books - G loves to read, and has many of her favorites completely memorized. She can sit and "read" a book to herself and she gets most of the words right. She's also starting to recognize many of the letters, and is fascinated by me telling her what they are and what sounds they make. I'm convinced she'll be a genius some day as a result.
  • music - she loves to sing and be sung too. She's got so many songs memorized. One of her favorite thigs to do, is replace the words so she can sing about a specific item and/or person.
  • nurturing - lately she will ask me to pretend to cry or be sad so she can comfort me. She'll hug me, kiss me, pat me, and tell me it will all be ok. I secretly love this. She's also incredibly nurturing to her baby dolls - and everything is a baby (even the shampoo bottle wrapped in a washcloth)

I am so blessed to have such a special little girl. I love her so much.

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