Thursday, September 21, 2006

7 months old

Actually, yesterday was Bryn's 7 month birthday, but I couldn't get the photo upload to work. And I couldn't post about her birthday without a picture of my pretty girl. And she is so pretty. I just cannot get enough of her. She is the most huggable, lovable girl ever. I swear she gives bear hugs and kisses already - she squeezes with her arms and burries her head in my shoulder, then she'll come at me with her wet and open mouth for a sloppy kiss. She is so much fun. Everything makes her smile and laugh - its like the world is one big joke to her. Even people in stores come up and comment to me about how happy she seems.

Yesterday when I picked her up from daycare, Miss J was all excited to tell me the Bryn PULLED UP! She's not even crawling yet (although she's so close) but she can pull up. Being the type of mommy who won't say my kids have completed a milestone until I've seen it myself, I went on my way with a smile. But then this morning, Ben saw her pull up. So, I suppose there is no more denying it. Time to lower the crib.

Bryn continues to be a big girl. Last week she had an ear infection, and weighed 18.5 pounds. I pulled out all of her sister's old winter stuff, and what she fits now is what G wore when she was walking. Its funny to me, because it makes Bryn seem older than she really is.

Physically she's developing quickly. She can get on all 4s and rock back and forth. I've seen her move 2 crawl steps before she falls on her belly, but she can somehow scoot to where she needs to be. My doctor said that crawling isn't considered a milestone anymore; they look for the ability to move to an object out of reach, which she clearly can do. She's got excellent hand/eye coordination. Its fun to watch her in the bath as she tries to pick up floating toys. She's gotten really fast. And she's so handsy - I have to be careful because her lightning fast hands pick up the wrong stuff all of the time. She also wants to feed herself. During meal time, I put her in her highchair with some finger foods and she goes nuts. And the second something runs out, she's screaming at me for more. (and she's got a really loud scream).

Verbally she seems a bit behind (but of course I'm comparing her to her older sister, the linguistic genius who spoke her first sentence, "bye daddy" at 9 months old). She does try and copy me though, so I know she's trying. She makes several consonant sounds, and is learning to make sounds with her tongue. She does know and respond to her name, and if her sister laughs she'll laugh back.

I love watching her personality develop. She has the sweetest disposition and is the most loving baby. She loves to cuddle (and so does mommy). And she is so smiley and bright-eyed. She gets excited at the slighest thing - especially Mommy. When she thinks I'm coming to pick her up, she squeals, laughs, and flails her arms and legs. At that point I'd better pick her up, or she gets mad.

Her schedule is great right now. She sleeps solidly 12-13 hours at night, with the occasional night waking for a feed (which I don't mind the one-on-one cuddle time). Usually she takes 3 naps, that are anywhere from 45 minutes - 2 hours long. While her schedule may not be totally predictible as far as daytime nap schedule, her cues are easy to read.

I love my Boo so much, and I cannot imagine life without her.

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