Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weekend update

Wow! This weekend just flew by. I have 3 day weekends, and I swear I need 4 days. LOL I had 2 Passion Parties this weekend (yay for the $$$ I made) which kept me really busy, and then my husband was gone a lot. He and I never see each other.

The big news of the weekend was that Gracelin is wearing big girl panties. She only had one accident all weekend too. Of course we still put her in diapers during naps and at bed time, but she's doing well while awake. We even took her shopping, outside to play, and to church. She's doing amazingly well.

The second biggest news is that Bryn is almost crawling. She can get onto her hands and knees from a sitting position and she rocks back and forth. While its fun to watch her grow and develop, I am really mourning the loss of my baby.

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LisserB said...

Bryn is growing so fast! She's even hitting milestones before Chaylyn is! You have one independant girlie there! Must be that "I need to catch up with my big sister" thing I've heard that second kids do.

I also wanted to say that I'm sorry you are having issues in your marriage right now. It sucks when things aren't all sunshine and roses. I've been there (sometimes I wonder if there is any other place in a marriage), so if you want to vent, I'll be here.

*hugs* Melissa