Monday, August 07, 2006

Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing and fun?

I had the LONGEST weekend of my life. Suddenly Gracelin has decided that she doesn't need to do anything I want her to and she cries over everything. Not whining either. This annoying loud screetching cry that makes me want to stick ear plugs in. I'm thinking she may be coming down with something, but she has no sickness symptoms at all. What a personality shift. On top of that, Bryn's got a cold and isn't sleeping well. Yesterday she took 5 15-minute cat-naps all day and then wouldn't settle down to sleep. Last night, I finally put both of my girls in their rooms and let them CIO. I just couldn't cope. I feel like the worst mommy - I totally lost my temper with G and yelled at her. She just kept "stalling" and whining for things that she doesn't need at betime. After the 1,000th time she got out of bed, I yelled at her to "get into bed NOW". She looked at me like I was crazy and I had to go put her into bed.

On top of all of that, I had traded parties with a girl that does Pampered Chef, and Saturday was the party at my house. So, I had to actually clean while all of the chaos was ensuing. And I invited a friend that we hang out with because we feel sorry for (not because we actually enjoy her company). Long story short - the girl WOULD NOT LEAVE MY HOUSE. All the other guests were gone by 1:30, and she stayed until 4. She had put her little boy to bed in G's bed for a nap without even asking me. SO G had no where to sleep and never took a nap (only added to her hellish personality). Needless to say, I haven't slept in 3 days and now I feel like I'm getting sick. I would love a vacation!

The PC party was kind of a bust too. I'd invited almost 50 people, and only 9 showed up. Out of those 9, only 4 people ordered. Party sales were only $144. I felt badly for the girl. I either have really cheap friends, or PC consultants don't make very much. I always try and buy something when I go to a PC party, but honestly I usually only budget $20 (I don't cook, so most of my cooking utensils sit unused in my kitchen). It did make me feel good about my Passion Parties business. The worst party I've ever had there were only 4 guests (including the hostess) and I made $150 at that party and got one booking. I guess its true that sex sells.

My husband gets totally annoyed at me spending even $20 at parties like that. Except when I went to my first Passion Party. I spent $125 and he was mad I hadn't bought MORE stuff. LOL No wonder he encouraged me to become a consultant.

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