Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My beautiful Brynlee-boo

Brynlee is beautiful. She has creamy skin, pink rosebud lips, big blue eyes and a skiff of fuzzy hair about the color of a copper penny. She is also the happiest baby around, and laughes all the time. She is so strong, and is almost crawling. Bryn is also a big girl. She is 6 months old - she weighs 18 pounds and is 27 1/2 inches long. Her doctor says that she's the size of an average 11 month old. She has always been at the top of the charts, and sometimes doesn't even register on them. I feel badly for her already, because when people see her they always comment on her size. Even her daddy calls her chubbs. I don't think that is an appropriate way to address his beautiful daughter - talk about giving her a complex.

To make matters worse, her older sister Gracelin is a skinny mini. G was only 19 pounds at 13 months old. She is 2 1/2 and only weighs 24 pounds. G's potty trained, but wears a diaper at night - both girls wear the same size diaper! People are always commenting on how pretty she is.

I'm just worried poor Bryn is going to grow up with a complex. I don't want her to be compared her entire life to her petite older sister. Of course, they both have lots of growing to do, but I really worry about how Bryn is going to view herself.

I've always had issues with my body too - even when I was skinny. But now I'm on the chubby side, and I really hate my body. I feel so uncomfortable, and hate shopping for clothes to the point where I mostly buy stuff off the internet. I don't want my poor beautiful girl to grow up like her mommy and hate her own body.

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Kristina said...

Is Brynlee crawling yet? Probably not- once she starts to crawl she'll start to thin out. Remember I had a huge off the scale baby too. Lochlan has always been at the 95-100 percentile and there is no evidence that this leads to obesity later in life, so stop worrying!!! It's far too early to be worrying about Brynlee's weight.

Remember, where they are on the chart doesn't matter. What matters is that she STAYS on her curve. If she starts dropping weight that indicates a problem.

Now Lochlan is tall, but he's not quite so chubby anymore since he's started moving. Don't worry, she'll be fine :). TTYL