Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy 6 months old Brynlee-boo!

Bryn was 6 months old yesterday. I'm so sad that her babyness is 1/2 over. She is such a joy. She has got to be the happiest baby ever. She loves so smile and laugh, and she's so responsive. She's also got a great attention span for her age - she can keep herself entertained for an hour at a time. I think she's growing and teething. She was up 3 times to eat in the night - I"m one tired mommy today. At first I thought she was just really hungry, but now I'm a bit worried I'm having supply issues. I've barely pumped 1/2 of normal today.

Bryn is sitting up well, and starting to launch forward onto her hands and knees. She isn't rocking back and forth yet, but I remember that when G starting doing that it was only a couple of weeks before full-on crawling (of course G was almost 11 months old when she started). She's also got her 2 bottom teeth and she's working on the top 2. She's a slobbery mess - we spent much of the weekend naked because she kept getting her clothes all wet.

Bryn loves food too. I've never seen a baby eat cereal like she does. I've even started giving her some soft solids because she just seems to want more. Most of it gets spit back out, but she still loves every minute of it.

She and her big sister get along so well too. They love each other so much. I love watching them together.


LisserB said...

Happy 6 months Brynlee!!

Chaylyn is so not a good eater. I have to fight with her to get her to eat most of her solids. She has a lot she has tried, but most she doesn't like. Meat is not going over well at all. Her absolute fav's are wheat cereal, sweet potatos and squash. Apples and peaches are good too. I bet she'd eat that at every meal if I gave it too her!

Have a great week.

*hugs* Melissa

Kristina said...

Oh, wow! She's 6 months old already!!

I have a present for her... and now it's probably too small. Ooops!! I'm getting off my but tomorrow and getting this stuff mailed. I'm a bad friend...

I'm glad she's doing so well- she's such a darling little baby :). TTYL