Thursday, October 14, 2004

Why is shopping such therapy

Without going into a lot of detail (I usually try to stay positive) my week has basically sucked. Tuesday was my 30th birthday, so shouldn't there have been some good things? Well . . . there was one bright spot. For my birthday, DH let me take some money to go shopping with. So, I went to buy ME some new clothes, and suddenly the world was a brighter place.

I like to buy clothing from the Junior's department. I'm not sure why. I always need a size bigger than I think to accommodate my "mom body". But, somehow I feel young and hip when I buy teenage clothes. I love low-rise pants and tiny tee shirts with some silly graphic. But, I digress, I am supposed to be talking about shopping therapy.

And, shopping is therapy for me. My hubby has me all figured out, just as I have him figured out. When he gets onery, all I need to do is "give him some action" and his world is a brighter place. When I get crabby, he knows all I need is a trip to the mall, and I am a new woman.

It really doesn't even need to be anything significant, sometimes earrings or mascara will do the trick. But, I was especially down-in-the-dumps, so I needed an entire outfit to cheer me up. What I came home with were a super cute pair of stretch cords (low rise of course) with a powder blue jacket made from the same stretch material, and a pair of new clogs. I wore my new outfit to work the next day, and got tons of compliments. In fact, one coworker asked me where I got the jacket, and asked if I cared if she went and bought the same one. This just extended the shopping euphoria for another day!

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