Monday, October 11, 2004

My poor sick baby

Our weekend started out innocent enough. DH and I had plans for a weekend away. We made plans at a condo up in the mountains to just relax, play games, golf, and just enjoy one another. On our way, we stopped to have dinner with some family. The adults were in the kitchen getting ready to eat, when my poor 6-year-old nephew who was outside sweeping the deck for Grandma (it was even his idea – he wanted the broom that looks like Harry Potter) started to scream. We looked out the window and he literally had 50 hornets swarming him. They didn’t know it, but underneath one of the benches was a huge nest – he must have hit it with the broom. Grandma ran outside and grabbed him. The hornets were inside his clothes – they had even crawled inside his socks and down into his shoes. He ended up with 14 stings. His parents gave him some Benedryl and he seemed ok, but by morning every sting had gotten infected, and he ended up in the hospital. Needless to say, it was a scary experience.

DH and I did eventually make it to our condo that evening, and we had a wonderful night. We woke up to a beautiful fall day. We took a drive, went to breakfast, and then went golfing. DH golfed while Gracie and I rode along in the cart. Then, we went back to the condo. Gracelin was playing on the floor while I made lunch. She was cooing to herself and playing with her feet. She started to get fussy, so I went over and picked her up. She was burning up, so I gave her some Tylenol. The medicine didn’t help and she continued to get fussier and hotter. DH and I decided to go home early. We loaded up the car and headed for home. Gracelin continued to get sicker. By the time we were 45 minutes from home, we decided to take her to Insta-care. So, we pulled over and took her in – they promptly sent us to the kids care clinic at the hospital. The doctor there got us right in. Poor Gracie had a fever of 103 after the Tylenol and she started throwing up. The doctor was worried she had meningitis, so she sent us for tests. The first test was an x-ray, and poor Gracie hated that. Then she had to have blood work, and her veins kept collapsing. It took 15 minutes to find a vein, and the poor girl was crying the entire time. The only thing they could find wrong with her was an ear infection, but since it is the 4th ear infection she has had in 6 weeks, they figured she needed aggressive antibiotics. So, she got 2 shots that day, and we had to take her back for another one yesterday. Today, I am following up with her regular DR, but the hospital suggested he give her a 3rd shot today. Poor girl.

I am sure that tubes are imminent. The doctor was talking about tubes after her last ear infection. She finished up the antibiotics for that one on Friday, and by Saturday afternoon she was sick again. My theory is that this has all been the same infection, and that it is somehow resistant to the antibiotics. But, she has had infections in both ears, so maybe that can’t be the case. At any rate, something has to be done. I try to suction out her nose because she is stuffy all of the time. I wonder if there is something else that I could be doing? Or maybe the DCP could be doing. Don’t think me a bad mommy, but I took her to day care today because I had to work. I am leaving early to take her to the doctor, and I have checked up on her and she seems to be feeling better.

I wish I could stay home with her. Sometimes I feel like she gets sick from the other kids at daycare, and if she could be home with me she wouldn’t get sick. On those days, I sometimes resent DH because he doesn’t make enough money (although I know it isn’t fair). I do love my DH though and he is a wonderful person!

Gracelin does continue to be such a joy and a blessing. She has found her voice and her feet. It is so amazing to watch her grab her feet and bring them up to her mouth. And she loves to yell – lately she tried different sounds, pitches, and volumes. What a baby genius I have! LOL

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday! YIKES! I am SO old!

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