Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My first post

Wow - here I am with my very own blog. I supposed I should introduce myself (just in case someone else actually reads this). My name is Christie and I have a wonderful DH who I have been married to for 3 years. We also have a baby girl, Gracelin Jayne who recently turned 5 months old. She was born on April 30, 2004. DH and I tried to get pregnant for 2 years. After being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, we conceived two weeks before I was scheduled for exploratory laproscopic surgery. My pregnancy was awful. I suffered from hyperemesis the entire time, and even had to go to the ER for IV fluids and anti-nausea meds. At about 20 weeks, I started swelling and having BP issues. These troubles escallated to the point where I was so swollen my shoes wouldn't fit and my BP was sky-high. I was going in for daily non-stress tests at L&D. I was finally induced at 36 weeks pregnant because there was protein in my urine.

Gracelin Jayne was born 4 weeks early at 6 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long after 17 hours of labor. She had a full head of blonde hair that stuck up all over her head. Unfortunately my illnesses and her early birth day affected her health, and she spent her first few days in the NICU. When she did come home, it was with oxygen, an apnea monitor, and bili lights. Our home looked much like the NICU, but our girl was home.

Gracie is such a joy. She rarely cries and smiles constantly. I went back to work when she was 6 weeks old, and she started sleeping tbrough the night the first day I went back. What an angel!

I work as a city planner and DH is a corporate credit underwriter. I hope some day to be able to stay home, but for now Gracelin is in an in-home day care. She loves the interaction and socialization with the other children. On more than one occasion, people have commented to me on how social she is. People also tell me all the time that she is really calm and laid-back.

I hope to keep this blog fairly current to track the changes and growth of our little family (yes - I did say growth! Dh and I are already considering TTC #2! Did I also mention that I turn 30 this year? My biological clock is ticking!)

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