Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The cat's meow

I have a problem. I like animals. Now, I know you must be thinking to yourself “why is this a problem?” Well, normally it wouldn’t be. But, I happen to live next to the world’s most neglectful pet owners, who, on top of neglecting their pets, own way too many of them. And, I think the word is out that if they (the pets) need something, all they have to do is come to my house and “ask” for it, because I am too big a softy to turn them away.

One of my particular favorites we shall call Orange Kitty, because he is an orange cat and I don’t know his real name. He is so cute, and I have fed him on several occasions (on one I actually cooked him chicken which pissed of my hubby). Sometimes he will sit on my porch and cry, so loud I can hear him from wherever I happen to be inside the house. I have taken to ignoring his cries. One day, I was putting something away in the hall closet when the doorbell rang. Since I was next to the front door, I answered it fairly quickly, excepting to see a person. But there sat Orange Kitty. He meowed at me, and I swear he was smiling. He must have jumped against the door and gotten the doorbell. Did he ring it on purpose?

On another occasion, I was fast asleep in my bed, as it was well after midnight. My husband came in and woke me up, saying “Christie, there is a rabbit at the front door.” I rolled over, mumbling something. But then I realized what he said, and went downstairs to investigate. He had been watching TV when he heard a knock at the door. Being suspicious because of the late hour, he cautiously opened the front door, only to find a cute bunny sitting on the stoop. We took the bunny in, and put him inside the laundry basket in the basement with some lettuce. The next day I took him home.

Most recently, the spawn of Orange Kitty (ie. A litter of cute kittens about 8 weeks old) have invaded me. They see my car, and literally come running with their little “mew, mew, mewing”. I have to feed them at their own house to get them to leave mine alone. I don’t want them to associate the food with my house so I take it over to my neighbor’s garage, and feed them my own cat’s food inside the garage. I have to make them leave though. I am worried I will run over them with my car.

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Lynita said...

LOL! That is just crazy you are like the kitty whisperer! I hope your neighbors take better care of their pets.