Tuesday, October 26, 2004

6 month breast feeding milestone

Gracelin will be 6 months old on Saturday, and I am still breast feeding her. She gets nursed in the morning and before bed, and then full-time on the weekends. When I am not with her, I pump every 3 hours (or as close to that as possible) to keep up my supply. Then, at day care she gets bottles of expressed breast milk. I can't believe I have kept it up this long, and I am still going strong!
When I first had her, I was didn't even like breast feeding, but I kept it up because she was a preemie and I knew it was good for her. Obviously she had some formula in the beginning to supplement and then again when she developed breastfeeding jaundice. But other than that, she has only had mommy's milk to drink. As she has gotten older, nursing and pumping has gotten easier and it has become part of the routine.
Now I love breast feeding. It is my special time with her. I think she feels the same. She will look at me and smile right as my milk lets down, so she gets sprayed. And she always wraps her fingers around my thumb, or strokes my breast.
I am really thinking that I will try for a year (or at least until she gets teeth).

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