Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I think that I established the fact last year that I am a huge American Idol fan. It is funny too, because I am not the biggest TV fan. But I never miss Idol.

This season, I really only have one contestant that I love. Of course, Megan Joy is fun to watch - because she is the hometown girl and a total trainwreck (whick is too bad, because I think her voice is very original and she's gorgeous). I also think that Danny has a great voice and has a great story, but he is so boring. I am definitely not feeling Adam Lambert - he is a great performer, but if you close your eyes and listen, he actually sounds awful.

Actually, the one contestant that I tune in to see is Kris Allen. Not only is he smokin' hot and the nicest guy ever, he is really talented. He doesn't have the best voice (although it is pretty good), but he has so much musical talent. And I think he's marketable. He has the whole John Mayer or Jason Mraz singer/songwriter thing going on, and me likey.

My prediction for tonight's bottom three is: Anoop, Matt, and Lil with Matt going home. Anyone agree with me?

(I can no longer access blogger at work, so my blogging is going to decrease a lot. I am actually posting right now from my BlackBerry - which is ok. But I cannot post pics, nor can I comment on other blogs. So, don't be sad if you're seeing less of me.)


Chelsea said...

I really like Kris too, and he did awesome last night! I definitely agreed w/the judges that it was his best performance so far. Anoop is bugging me and I can't believe Megan Joy is still around. She's been horrible for weeks! I think Adam should go straight to Broadway, his voice is so theatrical, which sometimes I like and sometimes I don't.

I think your bottom 3 is right on!

tiburon said...

LOVE Kris.


I think he is freaking creepy. And I don't get the allure.

Heather said...

LOVE American Idol and I HATE HATE HATE Adam. You're right, he sucks! I liked Matt because he's so good on the piano. But, I don't think he has the appeal, you know? And I gotta say, I'm so tired of Scott (the blind guy) - he's so boring! And so is Danny - he always picks the sappiest songs (we call them cheap shot songs). Anyway, I can't decide who I like - only who I don't!

Omgirl said...

I need to catch up. I'm about 6 epsidoes behind and I'm not sure who is even in the final 12! But I'll let you know who I liked when I get caught up.

Jan the crazy lady said...

Kris is so great. I agree. I am having trouble this year with a soul one though. I flip flop alot on who I like from week to week. But Kris is getting really up there to stay. Danny is so positive though. I like his personality.

Christie said...

Wow - I was way off on that prediction. Better luck next time ;)

Cadance said...

Why is Megan Joy a train wreck...did I miss something..I think she is very unique.

Adam...totally FREAKS me out...someting is definetly wrong with his face...I actually perfer to listen to him with my eyes closed! He is scary to look at...he looks like a woman who turned her-self into a man...but is bad at looking the part of both genders! LOL!

I love the show too...and am not big on many other's a fun time to sit and enjoy the evening with my hubby!

carrie said...

I love Kris, too! He is just so cute and I love the way he sings. LOVE him. He is my very favorite. I thought Megan acted like an IDIOT the other night. I always liked her and wanted her to do well....but I was embarassed for her that last night. Oh well.... I agree with Heather about Scott. He's just boring to me. I also agree with her on Matt. I like the guy 'cause he's so talented, but I don't think he'll last. I think Adam is really good....but he isn't my favorite. I do like to watch him every week, I have to admit. He's always "different". I'm with you.... I can't miss an episode. It's hilarious. The other night my tivo cut part of the show off and I was frantically searching the internet for the last three performances. Yes, I'm a nerd...but I don't care. :o)

Julia said...

Well I'm a couple weeks behind on commenting, but as you know, i'm out of control with idol stuff and spend way too much time learning about the contestants (who sadly don't lead the exciting stripper lives like the ROck of Love Bus girls who I also dig dirt on).

I love Kris. He is so sweet and I do think he has a lot of talent. Aint no Sunshine was AWESOME. I was so scared for him this week because that ALl she wants to do is Dance? Yikes.

Can't stand Lil i CANNOT stand her. I want her and anoop gone right now. I F2 for me would be Adam and Allison. I think Kris will make F4 if he can beat out Matt. So f4 Adam, Danny, Kris and Allison. I have a feeling it will be an Adam/Danny show down.

My feelings on Adam...yeah he is kind of creepy, but he generally seems like a nice guy and that people like him. I hate that they are pimping him out so much. But at least he isn't booooooooooooring like some of the snoozefesters. You always wonder what he is going to do and he really can "perform!" on stage. He has bum notes, which the judges convenietly overlook, but he is by far the most comfortable on the stage and therefor the easiest to watch. And at least he is owning his flame-ness. I've gone back and forth on him a lot. we'll see what happens next week.