Thursday, April 02, 2009

April fool

My girls learned about April Fool's Day yesterday at daycare. They came home armed with plans to fool me (their not-so-gullible mommy). G was so excited though, that she couldn't wait to pull her prank. While in the bath, we had the following conversation:

G: Mommy, do you know what today is.

Me: Yes I do sweetie, it is April Fool's Day.

G: I am going to trick you tonight.

Me: You are? What are you going to do?

G: After we get in bed, I am going to pretend like I forgot to brush my teeth.

Me: Wow! You would get me good with that one!

I then decided to take the opportunity to school my kids on how to trick someone.

Me: Oh my gosh you guys! Check out that giant spider on the wall! (I said, while pointing at the bathroom wall)

They both turned and looked excitedly (they love bugs).

Me: Haha!! April Fool's.

They caught on immediately, trying to fool one another. They quickly grew tired though (thankfully) and went on to other things.

Quite awile later, Bryn excitedly told me, "mommy! You have blue hair!"

Me: I do??

Bryn: Just kidding! April 30th.

(April 30th is G's birthday)


Kari said...

HAHA! Oh wow that was funny! Your girls are the biggest crack ups! How do you not laugh all day long?! And Happy April 30th to you, too!

Omgirl said...

I was so lame. I did absolutely NADA for April Fool's Day this year. BLAH. Maybe I'll get inspired next year. If the weather is better.

Cadance said...

that is 10year old took all the soaps and shampoos out of the shower to trick my was funny but then I had to put it all back in....'cause he was in bed still was funny...i guess!

Lynita said...

That is so funny! Kaitlyn kept saying, "you can't talk mom, April Fools!" I guess that one was all the rage at school.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh - I love April Fools Day - and it sounds like fun at your house!