Monday, February 02, 2009

If the walls had ears part 2

Remember my post "If the walls had ears part 1"? Since then, the hilarity has continued - especially Bryn. 2 year old are hilarious. Thankfully my kids have learned what orifice their toothbrushes go into, but we still have problems:

Bryn: Look in my mouth! I have a booger stuck to my tooth.

Mommy: We don't do snow angels on the kitchen counter.

G: They call me Stacy! That's not my name . . . its not my name.

Bryn (while watching American Idol): Oh, I don't like that boy. He is hideous!

Mommy: Just blow your nose into my hand sweetie.

G: When I grow up, I want to be a teenager.

Mommy: I wait for the day when my butt will be the only one that I am in charge of wiping.

Bryn: Look at me! I look fab-lee-us!

Mommy: Is it bad to admit that when the girls don't wipe and flush, it doesn't bother me because I feel like we're conserving resources?

Bryn (after I asked her to clean her room): UGH! You're ruining my life.

Bryn: I'm poopin' mom. I need my privacy.

G: Let's make some love muffins.


Erin said...

I wish my kids would get the whole privacy thing! Especially mine!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Oh my - these are hilarious!! It is hard to picture her saying "you're ruining my life" OH my. LOL!!

Julia said...

haha. Landon doesn't tell me I'm ruining his life, but the looks he gives me imply it!

And yeah, why on earth am I always wiping poop, picking it up or flushing it. Just let me have MY privacy!

tiburon said...

What a riot!! kids crack me up!

Christie said...

Ummm yes - she needs her privacy, but rarely give me mine.

Anonymous said...

And I bet it smells like cotton candy!

(You can blame Annie for that.)

Brenda said...

Can you post the recipe for "Love Muffins?" LOL

kari said...

Wow Love Muffins?! Those sound interesting!!! Love it!

Jess T said...


devri said...

Love it, hey I love your hubbys moe hawk.. if that is even how you spell it.

Holly said...

I want to be a teenager when I grow up too!! haha. that is so cute!

Omgirl said...

These are hilarious. I love the funny things kids say. (p.s. I wish my kids understood the idea of privacy while poopin'.)

Lynita said...

Ha ha! I can't wait for the day that my butt is the only one I wipe too! "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."