Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Conversations with my 2 year old

Mommy:  Are you my princess?

Bryn:  Yes, I am a princess.  A pretty pretty princess.
Mommy:  Where is your prince?

Bryn:  Don't have one.
Mommy:  What about an evil stepmother?

Bryn:  Don't want one of them.  Too evil.
Mommy:  Then what sort of princess-y things do you have.
Bryn:  I gots a fairy godmutter.  She's beautiful with curly hair, green eyes like me, and little fairy wings so she can fly.  And she flies over me with her magic wand and POOOF!! turns me into a beautiful dress [as she twirls around].  I love dat fairy godmutter.


Chelsea said...

I want one of those!

Julia said...

OH man, I'm totally an evil step-mom.

Koreena said...

Cute :)

Holly said...

Oh that is so adorable! I definately want a fairy godmutter! :)

Omgirl said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she's got it made. Mason has 32 invisible brothers that watch out for him.

tiburon said...

I love that fairy godmutter too.

Witz End said...

When I tell Daisy to clean her room she answers with, "Yes your magesty!" I'm not so sure I like that one.