Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback friday

Today is Bryn's 3rd birthday.  I can hardly believe it has been 3 years.  Knowing that she's my last baby, I've been trying to keep her little, but she just won't listen.  She's growing up way too fast.  She was the most fun baby - so soft and squishy, and she loved cuddles.  She's still cuddly and loving, but she's such a big girl.  A bright, funny, energetic girl who is full of life and not afraid of anything.

Bryn was the sweetest newborn, so chubby that she didn't even look newborn.  And she grew quickly.  By her first birthday, she was already walking and talking.

Now, as a 3 year old, she's unstopable.  She loves music and gymnastics, barbies and princesses.  She loves to sing, and knows the words to dozens of songs.  She's also caring and considerate, and always willing to share.  She got a pack of gum for Valentine's day, and her first comment was that now she had enough to share with everyone.  

Here's an interview that I had with her, just so I could remember her at three years old:

Favorite color: green like her eyes
Favorite toy:  new Barbie from Grace
Favorite food:  Hot Pockets and macaroni (makes me feel like a great mom)
Favorite song:  Zippity Doo Dah
Favorite thing to do:  paint
Favorite movie:  Cinderella
Favorite place to be:  at her house
Favorite word:  the doo dah (????)


Koreena said...

Cute! Amazing how fast the years have gone by.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a precious little girl! Great post dedicated to her, too :) Happy Birthday to her!

Jen said...

How fun! Happy Birthday Bryn!!! I didnt know you guys decided not to have more kids.

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday Brynn! She is a funny cute girl!

pithydithy said...

Happy Birthday, Bryn! Although I'm afraid that your mother must have miscounted since there is no way it's really been three years!

Omgirl said...

My goodness, I didn't realize she was already three! Boy, time does fly!

devri said...

Wow, she was a beautiful baby, and still is beautiful.. It is sad how fast they do grow up..

Hb little princess!

LisserB said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your fiery little 3 year old! Aren't three year olds wonderful!