Saturday, October 13, 2007

Marathon photos - finally!

(Apology in advance for anyone with a slow connection) We made it to St George on Thursday afternoon. This is the view from our balcony - it was so beautiful down there and the weather was perfect.
We played around on the balcony and let the girls get some of their energy out, while we waited for the rest of our group to arrive.
I like this picture of G. She's so pretty.
Bryn and Grandma

I was grateful that Bryn could pull herself away from her busy baby schedule and join us. That girl had a phone to her ear all weekend. (sometimes 2) My sweet girls and me - I love this pic.
The first morning there, we headed out to Denny's for breakfast. There was a wait, and while we were sitting there, the girls became obsessed with the game full of stuffed animals. You know the one - they have them by the front door of every Denny's in America. Its a big container of stuffed animals with the mechanical arm you have to maneuver and grab an animal. My girls were so enthralled by it. There was a man playing the game, and he was really good. On his first try, he got a cute stuffed dog - and he gave it to Bryn. She was super excited. Then, he got a purple cat for G. They were in love. He was such a nice man.
My little cheerleaders with their "tats". Too cute.

Bryn loved her "tat"
The runners wanted to carb-load the night before the race, but it was also my sister's birthday - and she had her heart set on steak that night. So, we all sacrificed and went to Ruby River. (where I still ate tons of bread and a giant sweet potato, so I got my fill of carbs). We'd only had our meals for a few minutes, when the fire alarm went off. At first the servers told us to stay in our seats, but after a minute they evacuated the restaurant. It was really cold outside, and after a few minutes, the manager came back and told us we could go back inside. But the alarm was still going off, and I was worried about it damaging my kids hearing. So, a couple people went back inside to box up the food while the rest of us waited outside. As we were leaving, the fire department finally pulled up. My sister got her pic with a cute fireman. We teased her the rest of the weekend that they set off the fire alarm lighting the birthday candles on her cake.
Me before the race. I look tired - not a good way to feel before a marathon!
This is me coming up to the finish line. I look even more tired.
Me, my brother, and HL after the race with our finisher's medals on.
My battle wound - an extremely sore and swollen ankle. I'm still not quite sure what I did to it, but its feeling better after a week of RICE, so I suppose I'm ok! I actually ran 2 very slow miles yesterday. I feel like a slug not running this week, but I want to make sure I'm recovered. I feel great though!



Chelsea said...

You rock Christie!! What an accomplishment - and how cool for your girls to be there to cheer you on. I'm sure they are so proud of you!

Jess T said...

Nice ankle! Ouch.

Your girls are cute! :)

Sara L said...

You look great! Poor ankle.

pithydithy said...

Hey girl,

I've been reading, but not commenting (as usual) because I've a;ways got a nusing baby occupying my hand. Anyway, I am SO impressed that you ran a MARATHON!!!!!! And through enough pain to cause that nasty-looking ankle! You're amazing!

Tiburon said...

Oh man Christie - I am AMAZED by you. You are my inspiration. I hope that ankle is better soon :)

Jan said...

Ouch is right -- but you are amazing. Yay for you -- you definitely are an inspiration.