Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm doing it!

My daydreaming is becoming real.

About lunch time today, I got another call from the daycare. I'm beginning to wonder if my kids are ever going to be healthy again. This time, it was Bryn who needed me. So, I headed out to pick her up. When I got there, G had just gone down for her nap, so I took Bryn back to work for a couple of hours. I obviously got nothing done with her there, so we picked up G and called it an early day.

But I realized that I am sick of daycare. I'm sick of the long commute, and always feeling like our lives are going 90 miles a minute. I am really ready to simplify - live off of one income in a small town.

So, I spent the afternoon searching the web. My requirements are specific enough that I only found 2 strong possibilities. But, I polished up my resume, downloaded the necessary applications, and I've got 2 packets ready to mail.

Wish us luck!


Jen said...

Good luck! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you that you will find what is right for your family.

A year and a half ago I left an extremely well paying FABulous job with amazing benefits because it wasn't conducive to family life. Long commute, harsh hours, bosses who utter the word "Child" as though it were the plague. I now work for a small, family friendly company that is 4 miles from my home. I can leave at a moments notice to get Em if she needs me. I leave in the middle of the day to pick her up from preschool and drop her off at the babysitters. My work is respected as is my family. And I cut my hours to part-time. Woohoo.

Sorry for the rable, my point is, if you need a change there I'm sure the right thing is out there waiting fo you.

Jess T said...

Wow! That is so great! :) I'm anxious to hear how it goes. Keep us posted.

The Gatherum Family said...

Yeah Christie-
Keep us posted-I think it's awesome you are following not only your dream, but what is right for you and your family. Good luck! Adrian

Erin said...

You are awesome!! Most people wouldn't change anything simply because of convenience-close to family, already have a job, etc. YOu're breaking the mold baby! Good luck! Where are the two options?

Tiburon said...

NOOOOOOOOO!! I don't want you to move! Who will come to kickboxing with me?

Jan said...

Wow -- be sure to let us know what happens here. I want to know!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I cant wait to see how all of this unfolds. I'm thinking of you & only wishing the best!


Chelsea said...

Very exciting Christie! Good luck!