Monday, October 16, 2006

Now I'm depressed

I took a phone call at work today, because I was helping out while our secretary was at lunch. The woman on the other end asked to speak with the pregnant woman who works here. I explained to her that no one in our office was pregnant, and when she insisted I asked what it is she needed help with. I assumed she had been to a different department and spoken with someone else, and gotten confused with which department she needed – I was fully intending on transferring her to the pregnant woman she needed. But, when she told me what she needed, I realized that I had been the person she spoke with in person earlier. She though I was pregnant.

I was immediately offended. I told her that I was very embarrassed – that my baby is now almost 8 months old. She was very apologetic, but it was too late. I was in no mood to be helpful.

What a wakeup call. I’ve been in denial for a long time, but I guess there’s no denying it now. I’m fat and I need to drop this 30 pounds that I’m carrying around. No more lame excuses. I called my hubby to tell him, and hoping to hear a “you’re not fat” or “your don’t look pregnant” – something to make me feel a bit better about myself. Instead he told me “sorry” and them promptly told me that he had to go. Men!

Ok – so, here starts day 1 of NO MORE SUGAR. Period. The carb-loading has got to stop.

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Kristina said...

Good Luck, Christie!!!

You CAN do it, you can. I promise. You'll get those 30lbs off a little bit at a time, but you'll do it!!

Anything I can do to help?