Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bryn's 8 months old tomorrow!

My sweet Brynlee will be 8 months old tomorrow. I cannot figure out where the time is going. She’s just growing up way too fast, and while I’m excited for the little person she is becoming, I’m sad that my baby girl is almost gone. Bryn is the most happy and sweet baby – she’s generally so content to just sit and play. She’s got a long attention span and loves toys (especially her sister’s toys). This morning I watched her crawl across the room to reach a ball, and when she got there, she threw her body down onto the ball and hugged it – like she was so happy she finally got there. Pretty much everything makes her happy – she’s got the biggest, most contagious smile. Even strangers come up to me when we’re out to tell me what a happy baby she is.

Physically, I think she’s very developed for her age – she’s so strong and coordinated. She’s crawling all over the place, but its not the traditional baby crawl. Generally, she’s crawling on her feet and hands (imagine the downward dog yoga pose). I’m sure its more difficult that crawling on her knees would be, but she seems to not like being on her knees at all. She can also pull herself to a stand. She loves to stand alongside the couch, and hasn’t yet learned to walk along it, but I’m sure its just a matter of time. All this physical activity has started to thin her out, but she’s still so tall and very squishy. (in fact, Squishy is one of her many nicknames) She’s wearing clothes that fit Gracelin when she was well over 1 year old. Just the other day, she learned to give kisses, and will give them when asked. I ask her to give mommy kisses, to which she’ll lick my face and leave me with a nice slobbery wet spot on my cheek – but its so cute I don’t even mind. Another one of her favorite things to do is play Pat-a-cake – it’s a game the sisters play together already.

Bryn also seems like a very quiet baby, but I think I may be comparing her to a vocal older sister. In all reality, she’s probably just average. She does like to sit and “sing”, which cracks me up. She also is saying lots of sounds. Right now “dadada” is her favorite, and I swear she only says it when she’s with her daddy. I also think that she’s calling her sister “didi” (a modified form of Gracie?) She also loves to blow raspberries, and will mimic me if I do it over and over again.

She also loves food, and practically devours anything I give her. I am probably more adventurous than I should be, but she really seems ready for things with texture. She loves soft breads and fruits. I even gave her tiny pieces of turkey on Sunday – it was met with kicking feet and squeals of delight. Needless to say, it was a big hit. She’s had her 2 bottom teeth for almost 3 months now, but I don’t see any signs of more coming in. I wish we’d get more, because she’s ready for more food.

Probably the only area where Bryn isn’t completely perfect is in the sleep department. She’s not the world’s best sleeper. On daycare days, we wake her at 6am. She usually has 3 naps of about 1 hour apiece. Then, she’s in bed by 7pm. But lately, she’s averaging 2 night-wakings (which makes for a very tired mommy). On non-daycare days, she generally sleeps until about 7:30 – 8 am, but then only takes 2 daytime naps. Either way, I think she gets about 14-15 hours of sleep a day. Now that I write that out, it seems like a lot. LOL Maybe I am again just spoiled by her older sister who was a champion sleeper. Its really just the weird night wakings that are getting to me. We’ve tried CIO, buy it does not work for her. She just escalates herself into hysteria, and then she’s impossible to soothe. I usually have to nurse her and rock her a bit to settle down. I do try and put her to bed drowsy yet awake, but sometimes she falls asleep too soon (or maybe I cuddle her too long). My favorite part of the day is a night when we cuddle in her rocking chair. She’ll sit in my arms, stare lovingly into my eyes, and softly coo to me. Its like she’s telling me she loves me, and some nights I don’t want it to end.

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