Monday, October 02, 2006

Never say never

Its funny how before I had kids, I would observe other’s behavior and make comments to myself about how my kids would never do that. We’ll, I suppose I’m going to have to eat my words.

Saturday night, DH went out with the boys, so I was on kid-duty alone. G and Bryn had missed their afternoon naps, and I wanted them to go to bed early. I also needed a few things at the grocery store, but I was worried that if I took them out in the car they would fall asleep, and mess up bedtime. So, I bathed them, put them into their PJs and took them to the store that way. Poor G’s hair was a mess. I’m working on growing her bangs out, so right now they’re an inch too long. They totally hang in her eyes, but are too short to pull out of the way without a barrette. Since she’d just had her bath, her hair was undone – which left it hanging in her eyes. So, there was my poor toddler, in jammies a size too small with scraggly hair hanging in her eyes, riding around in the shopping cart. I looked at my poor kids and immediately thought of how WT my family looked, and couldn’t help by laugh to myself at how I “swore” my kids would never look that way.

Its called survival. All mommies do it. LOL

My plan worked though. The girls both fell asleep on the way home from the store, and all I had to do was carry them to their rooms for the night. By 7:30 pm, I had the evening to myself. Pure heaven! I could surf the net and control the TV remote to my heart’s content. I vegged on the couch and ignored the 7 loads of laundry waiting for me. It seems there’s always some chore waiting for me (usually more than one) and I rarely get to just relax. Did I mention it was pure heaven? LOL

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