Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A little bit of this and that

Ok - so this morning I was pumping and I heard a really weird noise. I was expecting to discover that my pump was finally conking out, but the I realized the sound came from me overflowing the bottle. LOL It was sucking the milk out the opposite way. I switched bottles, and continued pumping. I got 14 ounces (not counting the stuff I lost from overflow). Both girls slept all night, and I actually got a good night of sleep. I guess it put my milk production into overdrive.

Ben and I both had the day off yesterday, and we took the kids to daycare. We had a nice lunch, went to a movie, and did some shopping. It was such a fun and relaxing day - until we picked up the kids. Then all hell broke lose. I won't bore y'all with the whole story, but let it suffice to say my husband is a lazy a$$. I'm sick of fighting with him. I realized yesterday that things are great when its all play, but whenever there's any work and/or stress to deal with is when we have our problems. And Ben has the entire week off - lets just see if he gets one thing done around the house. If I had a week off (without kids) I'd have a huge list of projects to get done. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he was going to catch up on his sleep. WTF?

Is it bad of me to have fantasies of a man that actually enjoys hard work? Maybe thats why I'm so attracted to all the contractors and public works guys. LOL

Anyway . . . I am LOVING Bryn right now. I wish I could stop time and keep her just the way she is. she's so happy and content. I just love her smiles. She's pretty much mobile - its a labored crawl, and she goes up onto her feet (kinda like she's doing downward dog). Lately too, she'll give me a kiss if I ask her - its really just a slimey lick on the face, but I love it. She's so into food right now too - especially bananas.

Gracelin had another ear infection over the weekend. We ended up at InstaCare for more antibiotics. This is her 3rd infection in 5 weeks. I'm pretty sure that its the same infection that she just cannot clear up. I'm calling today to get in for another surgical consult with her ENT - I'm going to BEG them to put her tubes back in.

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