Thursday, July 27, 2006

Teaching a 2 year old

In light of recent tragedies involving small children, I've decided to teach Gracelin a few things to help her out in the event that something does happen. I think some of it is starting sink in. I quizzed her last night, and here's how our conversation went:

mommy: whats your name
G: Gracie H . . .
mommy: what's your mommy's name
G: Christie H. . . .
mommy: what's your daddy's name
G: Ben H . . .
mommy: how old are you
G: 2 (giggles)
mommy: where do you live
G: San Diego


Oh well - we'll have to work on the address. I've taught her the street name, but for some reason she is obsessed with San Diego and we've never even been there. I think I'd better save 911 for another day too. She's still doing great for 2 years and 3 months.

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Kristina said...

Well, she's getting there LOL!!! I think she's doing amazing for being just two!! Go, Gracie!!! TTYL