Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bryn is 5 months old!

Brynlee is such a bright and beautiful girl. She has the happiest smile and brightest eyes. She's such a lover - she loves to smile, squeal and cuddle. For 5 months old, she is such a social butterfly, and knows how to make people smile. She also loves her big sister - no one can make Bryn laugh like G can. They're so sweet together.

Brynlee is sitting up now. She does really well and can stay up for a long time. She also loves to be on her tummy, and will rock back and forth. I think she's close to crawling. She scoots all around to find toys she wants to play with. Her favorite things right now are balls. Daddy's convinced she's going to be a little athlete.

Bryn also got her first tooth this weekend. OTher than drooling excessive amounts and wanting to chew on everything, she's really had no other symptoms. It seems I've been blessed with easy teethers. (KNOCK on wood!!)

She also loves solids. Yesterday I let her lick a pear I was eating, and she was in heaven. That was the first fruit she's ever tried, but she loves when I mash her some fresh peas to eat. Her favorite so far though are sweet potatoes. YUMMY! Even rice cearal though is a big hit, although I've noticed as she's tried more foods she likes the cereal less.

95% of the time Bryn is the happiest baby on the block. The other 5% though, WATCH OUT. She's got red-headed temperment. LOL She can escallate very quickly too, so we've learned to meet her needs quickly. As long as we do though, she's an angel.

She's getting prettier by the day too. Her hair is the color of a shiny new penny, and its like thick peach fuzz all over the top of her round head. She's got rosy lips and a creamy, white skin. She looks like a baby doll. And she's so round and squisy - she's got dimples everywhere. She just look like a baby should look. I love her so much.

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