Monday, July 17, 2006

More than you ever wanted to know about my girls

Is it normal for mommies to have recurrent bad dreams about their babies? I get them a lot, and usually they involve one of my children dying. Morbid I know, but the dreams are so real and disturbing that they occupy much of my though. Lately I’ve been having one where one of my girls falls – usually off of a 1000-foot cliff in Southern Utah’s red rock country. Its so vivid and real that I don’t think we’ll ever be taking a family vacation anywhere in the vicinity of 1000-foot cliffs. I’ve never really talked about these nightmares with anyone else, although I would assume it’s fairly normal for a mother to have fears of losing a child. My girls are so precious to me: I can’t bear the though of losing one. I don’t know how parents go on who lose a child.

Today though, I want to post all about my beautiful babies.

I can’t believe my Brynlee Boo will be 5 months old on Thursday. She is growing way too fast. Part of me is really sad to lose the newborn, but I am excited too for the curious, big girl she is becoming. I’m excited though for the day when she is old enough to play with her big sister – there is such a bond there. Whenever Bryn is sad or fussy, I’ll ask Gracelin to sing to her or make her laugh. It works every time. No one can elicit a smile or belly laugh from the baby like Sister can. They have such a special closeness.

Brynlee is rolling like crazy. Most babies roll tummy to back, and hate tummy time. Not my little Boo – she’s all about tummy time. As soon as her back hits the blankie, she’s rolling over her left side to hang out. She’s starting to push up too onto her knees and rock (did I mention she’s not yet 5 months old?) She’s so strong and determined.

Brynlee is also very alert. She knows exactly what is going on in the house at all times. It makes for a baby that is very often difficult to get to sleep and eat. She’ll only nurse when she’s absolutely starving (which you’d never guess by looking at her) and sleep is very elusive. Daytime naps are few and far between and it makes it hard to stick to a schedule; however by night time, she crashes and sleeps great. She does love solid foods though – its like she wants to be big, and she just loves eating like a big girl. Even rice cereal is a huge hit. She’ll squeal and kick her feet as soon as she knows its meal time. And she has to sit on my lap while I eat – she reached for my plate and quite a few times has grabbed a handful of my food.

Gracelin is a big and bright 2 year old. I can’t believe she’s so grown up. She is a very mature 2 (its like she’s 2, going on 15). She is fully conversational, and sometimes amazes me with the things she comprehends. Right now she is really interested in family relationships. Last night my sister Jen and her husband Tyler were over for dinner. Gracelin said to me that Jen is a wife and Tyler is a husband. LOL Its so funny the things that she thinks about.

She’s starting to recognize letters, and loves finding them. This morning, she puked all over herself in the car (still not over the carsickness, UGH) and since we were 4 blocks from daycare I decided to just run to WalMart and pick up a new outfit. As we were walking in, Gracelin pointed to a sign overhead and said “look Mommy, it’s a letter ‘A’”. And she was right. Yesterday she asked me what my favorite song is. I don’t remember what I even told her, but when I asked her favorite song, she proudly told me “it’s the A, B, C song Mommy”. And then she proceeded to sing it 100 times.

She’s starting to count too, and can get all the way to 13 before she starts getting mixed up. She was counting in the car today on the way to daycare (before the carsick episode) and after 13, said “16 . . . 19 . . .. Christie-teen” and then giggled at her clever self.

She is a stinker though about some things. She is so very stubborn. Eating is quite a challenge since she only has about 5 foods she’ll tolerate. This morning she actually had a glass of fortified orange juice and whole-wheat toast (best breakfast in ages) but yesterday she ate a taquito. She used to eat so well, so I’m hoping this is just a phase, but its lasted for months and is getting worse. There is not one fruit nor one vegetable she’ll tolerate. She’ll try them too, but will spit everything out. She does drink that expensive orange juice for kids and we give her vitamins.

Sleep has become a challenge too. She used to sleep great, but I think she’s begun having nightmares and gets afraid of the dark. Lately she cannot fall asleep unless mommy or daddy is in bed with her. Luckily she’s in a queen so its comfortable. She frequently wakes in the middle of the night too, and we have to go lay with her. I’ve debated letting her CIO, but really I don’t mind the cuddle times. Besides, (as Dr Sears said) she’s not going to come home from the prom and want to sleep with mommy. This phase will likely be over soon enough and I’ll long for her to want to cuddle again. I’d better just enjoy it while it lasts.

Ahhh – my little girls are perfect. I’d better stop myself here, or I’d ramble forever.

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Kristina said...

Tee Hee... I found you!! I didn't know you had this... and if you prefer, I will promptly forget about it!

Your girls are beautiful- they take after their mommy :). Hope you're having a great day! TTYL