Monday, January 31, 2011

Week three

Weight loss this week: 3.0 pounds
Total weight loss: 1.4 pounds

That's right: 1.4 pounds lost in three weeks. Pretty dismal, although I do think that I maybe would have lost more, except that my daughter was in the hospital this weekend. I drank lots of diet soda, and ate whatever I could - so, all things considered, I am glad at least for a loss.

What went wrong:
I actually had a great week until the whole hospital thing. I feel like the rest of the week went well, so I'm just hoping my daughter gets better.

What went right:
I did have 5 workouts, and I've started combining weight training (my husband helps). I've also been eating a few more carbs, but healthy ones of course.

I also went to the doctor and had my blood checked. TSH levels were good, so my thyroid is not the culprit. I do have mono though apparently.

Goals for the week:
I'm shooting to lose an entire pound this week. Wish me luck!

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Omgirl said...

Did they say anything about your T3 and T4? Make sure they check those, not just TSH. And how did your Vitamin D levels come out? When I thought I had thyroid probs, it turned out to be a vitamin D deficiency. Taking vitamin D suppliments and tanning occasionally super helped a ton. Vit D deficiency has a lot of the same symptoms as thyroid problems, it turns out!