Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Budding artists

When ever people ask me what to buy my kids for gifts, I'm at a loss. They really don't play with toys. They're not much into video games. And they do love to read, but we already have one million books. My answer is usually art supplies. They are constantly coloring, drawing, cutting, gluing, painting, or in some other way creating. The art supplies need constant replenishment. So, this year for Christmas, my dad actually did what I asked - only instead of construction paper and crayons, he bought them clay, canvas, and acrylic paints.

The girls were in heaven. Upon closer inspection, the clay was actually a "make your own jewelry kit", so they went to work making beads and pendants. I think they turned out rather cute:
The paints took a bit more supervision, but they were fun nonetheless. The little artists loved the paints, and created several "masterpieces". I think I'll frame them:
Rainbow and Flowers
Girl on Hill (looking at a cloud that looks like a horse)


Jen said...

Awesome! Those are really good.

Devri said...

Wow, those are really good! My kids would rather do these kinds of things too, but I am a bad mom and don't let them cuz of the mess! blah me!

RS said...

Your kids really are talented. I have a boy whose idea of coloring is to just draw squiggles on the paper before he runs off to play with his trains for the umpteenth time. So, I think your girls are really talented.