Monday, January 17, 2011

Week one update

Week one: 1.2 pounds weight loss
Total weight loss: 1.2 pounds

One week down, too many to count to go . . .

This week went pretty well. Overall, I think it was a success. I'll admit it: I'm not perfect. Nor do I have the world's best will power. But, a pound a week is some loss - and I'll take it. I have about 36 weeks, so at this rate, I'll do it ;).

What went wrong this week:
I cheated a couple of times. Twice, I had diet soda (oh, sweet nectar of the gods) and on Saturday I ate 2 restaurant meals, which means I overindulged a bit and I ate 2 cookies (they were totally worth it) - on Friday I ate a couple of left-over Christmas chocolates. I also only worked out 4 times (my goal is 6x a week).

What went right:
I stuck to my diet well most days - ate at least 2 fruits a day and plenty of veggies, drank tons of water, and limited my carbs. I also went snowshoeing twice. No only is snowshoeing a great way to get out and enjoy the out-of-doors when there's snow on the ground, but its a great workout. It roughly burns twice the same calories than just walking would. Especially when its fresh, deep snow and/or steep terrain, of which I had both.

On Saturday, I went snowshoeing with my brother, who over the past few years has had quite a bit of weight loss success. I'd guess he's lost over 60 pounds, and he's as skinny now as he was in high school. His secrets? Well, first off, he admits that he is always hungry. ALWAYS. Secondly, he works out at least 90 minutes a day, 6 times a week. And thirdly, he also limits his carbs.

Goals for the week:
I plan to fit 6 workouts in this week. I also want to try and limit my carbs more. I've already broken down and had one diet soda today. . . the flesh is weak. . . so no more soda for the rest of the week.

Wish me luck!!


Jen said...

Way to go Christie! Keep up the great work. Even though I think you look great as you are!

Omgirl said...

Show shoeing sounds fun! I was about to suggest that we go some time, but then I realized I'm pregnant and have the energy level of a corpse. Well, maybe next year!