Monday, January 24, 2011


Weight gain this week: 2.8 pounds
Total weight gain: 1.6 pounds

Yes - that is right. My second week's weigh-in netted a 2.8 pound GAIN since last week. I am currently entertaining a visit from my auntie flo - maybe its water weight? I can hope. I didn't think I did that bad this week.

What went wrong:
I did cheat twice. Tuesday night I went to Mimi's Cafe - I ordered the 500 calorie mahi mahi, and then also ate three pieces of carrot raisin bread. Saturday I went out for pizza, but I got a salad and only ate one piece of pizza and one breadstick.

What went right:
I got 5 workouts in. I've added more weight training in, and my long run on Saturday felt really good.

I also tried to add in more carbs. I've had oatmeal for breakfast a few morning, and I made some lowfat turkey chili that I ate over some brown rice. I think this week I need to pull back on the carbs - its spinach egg white omlettes for breakfast this week again.

I did go to the doctor on Thursday to have my thyroid checked, but the results aren't back yet. Maybe I'll know something in the next couple of days.

In the mean time, I'm discouraged. I know I didn't eat 10,000 extra calories to equate for such a gain :(


Jen said...

I bet some of it is from PMS stuff. I always gain, around that time, I'm sure most women do. Sounds to me like you did just fine. Keep it up, you will see it will come off.

Lindsay said...

Yep, blame the period. I lost 6lbs the first week we started Biggest Loser and then a few days later gained a pound - with daily exercise and NO cheating! But I started my period, I was bugged. Finally 10 days later (YES 10 days!) I dropped 2 pounds. Weight loss sucks... Good luck!

Omgirl said...

Dude, weight loss SUCKS!!! And Aunt Flo ALWAYS messed things up for me, as did ovulation. I always gained a lb during each of those or at least didn't lose any weight. it's really hard to keep up your momentum when hormones jack everything up every month, huh? HUGS.