Thursday, January 08, 2009

Poopie in the pot-tay

Bryn, my dear, sweet Bryn, is a challenging child. She can be the biggest sweetie, which is a good thing, because she can also be the most difficult person to deal with. I'm sure her stubborn nature will be a great thing as she gets older (because that girl does not give up) but right now it is going to be the death of her mommy (because that girl does not give up - have I said that already??)

On top of being stubborn, she's also apparently very fragile. Today, she dislocated her elbow - for the third time. Luckily last time it happened, the ER doc showed me how to put it back in place, which I was able to successfully do today. But I don't think I can take many more injuries. A concussion and dislocated elbow are too much for a week. But I digress, this post is not supposed to be about injuries. Its about poop. Funny how sometimes posts take an entirely different direction once I start writing.

Back to the poop: we've been in the midst of potty training HELL with my stubborn child. It has actually been a full year since she started showing interest in the potty. In fact, I bought her potty seat before she even turned 2. She was great at going in the mornings (in fact, she would be dry about 1/2 the time) and before bath time. I thought we were doing awesome.

The problem is, she never progressed. Occasionally she would tell me she needed to go, but those times were pretty seldom. So, around Christmas time, we decided to step it up a bit: we bribed her with a trip to Disney World if she could learn to go in the potty. Everyone knows that they don't let babies in diapers go to Disney World. If she couldn't learn to use the potty then she'd have to stay home (apparently alone eating cat food, or so she thought).

Thing is, she was just fine with this scenario. She had no desire to be potty trained. In fact, she liked going in her pants, and told me so. She had gotten to where she was fairly consistent with "#1" but "#2" was a struggle. We had a few random successes (mostly because mommy saw her going and would run to the potty in time), but for the most part Bryn refused to poop in the potty.

In December, we went to Vegas for a few days, and suddenly it all clicked. Bryn only had one accident the entire 5 days in Vegas. She even pooped in the potty like a pro (because we all know about professional poopers). I thought we had finally turned the corner. But NOPE. As soon as we came back home, she was right back to potty-ing in her pants.

I knew she could control it too, because she would always hide to poop. Lately, she's been going right behind the new barbie house to go. Nice.

About a week ago, I decided I was sick of throwing away almost new panties (because some were completely un-salvageable). I was on a mission to get Bryn trained once and for all. New Year's day was the first day of total training, and Bryn didn't have one accident the entire day. That was even the day she got her concussion, but she remained accident free. The rest of the weekend though, she'd stay dry just fine. But she did all her poops in the corner by the doll house.

I decided to try bribes - first candy, but she didn't care about that. Then I took her to Target and let her pick out a toy that she could have when she finally went, but that Polly Pocket has just been sitting on the counter for a week.

Until tonight.

I'm working late, and my husband just called to say he's opening the Polly Pocket, and they're running around the house singing:

Poopie in the pot-tay! Poopie in the pot-tay!

She went just fine for him. Apparently she just needed her privacy :)

**I thought about posting a picture with this entry, but decided against it. Aren't you glad!


Koreena said...

Yay for her! Hopefully she sticks with it this time. Nothing has worked for more than a day or two with Matty. We've tried everything you have and like Bryn, he can control it but just doesn't care and would rather go in his diaper. Sooo frustrating! And he's almost FOUR!! Arg!

devri said...

Sorry she is so fragile.. mine are too. Potty training is the pits for sure...

Anonymous said...

Poopie in the pot-tay!
It's a big deal to-day!
No more stinky Barbie play!
Poopie in the pot-tay!

Go Bryn!

(And thanks for not posting the picture.)

carrie said...

This was so funny.... I love the way you write about things. Good job, Bryn! :o) I've been working on Bella to be 100% potty trained...but she's so much harder than my boys were. She will do just perfectly...and then out of NOWHERE just pee or poop in her panties. It's SO I feel your pain on that one. My boys hated to have "accidents". Bella's are more "on purposes". I'm hoping to be all the way done in the next month, but we'll have to see. :o) How does Bryn do at night?? That's what I'm really struggling with. BTW, I was talking to our RS president tonight...and she works down at Lehi City. I asked her if she knows you and she said yes & thinks you're fantastic. I told her how I just thought you were great...and went on and on about you. :o) Her name is Sue Holmstead. Anyway, in case you felt your ears BURNING...that is why. Have a good weekend, and we're looking forward to next Saturday!!

Kim said...

Been there, done that! Three times..She'll figure it out. Unfortunately it's in her time frame and not ours. keep up the great work. All you can do is try.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

LOL yes glad you did not post a pic. Oh this is a cute story. She is growing into a little girl! Aren't you so proud! :) Happy Friday!

Heather said...

Oh boy...I'm going to need so many pointers about this potty training thing in a couple months. I have no idea what to do. However, it's nice to know that just about everyone struggles with it - misery loves company, I guess.

And, BTW, I was really impressed that you fixed her elbow. I think I would have been too much of a basket-case to do it!

Anonymous said...

Finally, yay!!! As for the Disney World thing, I told them that I have accidents and have to wear depends and they told me I couldn't enter the park with them on or some sensors would notice them and I'd be surrounded by security only to be escorted from the park. Not sure I'd want to eat cat food instead, though.

Lindsay said...

Pooping in the potty is a very big deal, a very blog-worthy post!

Jess T said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! That is so great!

Julia said...

Oh man you are so lucky. Jeff keeps telling me it is time to start working on Landon, but he doesn't give a rat's ass about the potty. His little girlfriend even goes on hers and he's excited for her, but doesn't want to try himself.

He does that whole "hide to poop" thing though and it is awful because he knows what happens next and can't stand to be changed. I think he'll be 13 before he finally decides the potty is worth it. I don't get it...why would you want poop all over your bum?

Holly said...

You and I are in similar situations. I bought Landon a potty last New years. He is still having accidents, and will NOT wake up dry. EVER.

I have started going in the opposite direction. He gets a cold shower now when he poops his pants. He has only pooped 3 times in his pants since we started this, which is a HUGE improvement.

He still won't tell me he needs to go unless he is naked. And even today he went pee, and then ran over and played toys, while proceeding to poop,followed by an icy dip in mommy's shower.

We bought the movie "Potty Power" and it seemed to help. It's got lots of songs, and even a princess story at the end ( which your girls would like more than Landon.. but.. hey)

Please tell me that someday I will be done with this nonsence. when will my son get it?? When oh when!?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your poop-d'tat my friend. After pulling this off for a couple of kids, I'm convinced that teaching them this is not much different from teaching them to feed themselves. You've just got to let them make a holy mess & work it out. They don't like it either and quickly adapt to doing it better. When I was a kid, we had cotton diapers and though I don't remember it, I'm sure it was rather miserably uncomfortable. Amazingly we were all trained in one year. I just watched a new mom spoon feeding her little boy (3) so he didn't make a mess. No wonder that he also wears diapers too - probably be wearing them 'til he's 12 if mom keeps doing the work. Such a man's perspective....

Omgirl said...

Oh man, I totally know how you feel! Daphne had 2 months without a single accident. And then, ever since then (8 months ago!) she'll go for a week or a few days, and then pee her pants several times a day. I just don't get it. And like you, i've gone the rounds with threats, spanking, time outs and also bribes, gifts, candy, rewards, stickers, etc. Nothing seems to work for long. (I do notice that positive works better than negative reinforcement, though). Sigh....I wonder the same thing as you. Will she ever just stop having accidents? At least it's only pee. Never poop accidents. Anyway, I feel for you!!!