Wednesday, July 16, 2008

These are the people in my bloggety neighborhood

I enjoyed the memory tag so much, that I thought I’d post what I remember about some of my fellow bloggers. Its kinda like a trip down memory lane:

1. Someone on my blog roll accidentally got locked in the bathroom of her office one night after everyone had gone home. Thinking she could get out by moving one of the ceiling tiles away and crawling back into her office, she instead crashed through the ceiling of an adjacent office, triggering the alarm and sending the police to rescue her. It is hands-down my favorite thing about this person. I still laugh when I remember that night.

2. Someone on my blog roll just returned from an amazing service trip to Uganda. Although I’ve never met her, I think she’s wonderful.

3. Someone on my blog roll took me to Homecoming when we were in high school. I wore the most horribly ugly red dress – what was I thinking?

4. I kissed the husband of someone on my blog roll. In our defense, it was during a game of Truth or Dare one night in Moab, and we have always been just friends. (and no, none of us were married at the time)

5. I met someone on my blog roll because her husband and mine met playing basketball. I think she is one of the kindest, friendliest, and best people I know.

6. Several “someones” on my blog roll were people that I actually met on the internet, but are now my friends in real life.

7. Someone on my blog roll knew my husband in high school.

8. Someone on my blog roll is so tall and gorgeous that she could easily be a model.

9. Someone on my blog roll caught the bouquet at my wedding, and she actually was the next person to get married out of all my friends.

10. Someone on my blog roll sells Lia Sophia jewelry.

11. Someone on my blog roll was my bff since I was 11 years old

12. Someone on my blog roll has orchestrated 4 different biggest loser contests. She is the most motivated person I know, and I think she’s such an inspiration.

13. Someone in my blog roll just found out she is “accidentally” pregnant after years of infertility. Although she isn’t someone that I know “in real life,” I’m so stinkin’ happy for her.

I could go on all day, but I’d better stop here. Please don’t be offended if I didn’t choose to talk about you specifically. Maybe I’ll have to do a part deux. And if anyone wants to try and guess who is who, I’m willing to offer a prize for the person with the most correct answers.


Tiburon said...

Awww thanks :)

That is a fantastic tag! And I am for sure stealing it:)

Misty said...

I am totally stealing it!

Megan said...

What a fun idea!

Lindsay said...

5 - Carrie
7 - Me
8 - Anne Maire
10 - Heather

LOVE this!

Lynita said...

Okay I know you won't believe it, but I never told my hubby about that night! It's not like I am ashamed or anything I just never thought to tell him. I still love that crazy night too! Thanks for the awesome flashback. P.S. check my blog for another one!

Omgirl said...

Clearly the tall model one is me.

carrie said...

Hey!! I was thinking the same thing as the person who commented above me..... The tall model one is so me. HA HA I know, for a FACT, that is Anne Marie. :o) I loved this Christy!! I just may have to copy you, YET AGAIN!! I loved the #1....and I'm dying to know who that was. That's such a funny story. :o) Congrats to the #13, too!! .....So many fun things. The only ones I know are Lindsay, Heather, and of course Anne Marie. I need to start blogging with the person who started the "biggest loser" I can lose some of this weight. :o) Anyway, I loved this post....and I have just loved getting to know you better through blogging. You're awesome....

Mindi said...

omgirl doesn't know that you were really talking about me. awwwhh, poor dear.

Christie said...

Ok - you guys are too funny! And Carrie - you couldn't pick yourself out of the list?

pithydithy said...'s so nice to think of you all the way over in Utah being happy for me!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Awesome blog roll! What connections! (Thanks for the shoutout :)

Julia said...

What a fun idea. I might steal it, but for right now I'm thread jacking to say I totally agree with you (about your comment on my last post). I think you are right that spending 3 hours listening to someone else tell you how your relationship with whatever higher being you believe in should be is BS. I should have stated that I guess I just think if you ARE going to sit through a lesson or you are going to subject yourself to church, I think everyone should be a bit more understanding.

That being said...totally not active. And it is really hard to want to be again with a husband who absolutely HATES church, a two year old who hates nursery, a seven year old who has only one friend there and acts more like a two year old when we are there, and then the crazy-ass teachers running around trying to make me feel guilty. Okay so the guilty thing is my fault...but still. I think churches as a whole need to realize that not everyone wants to be the RS president, YW pres and on the compassionate service team who delivers meals to every family in the ward three times/week. It is hard to match up to that kind of motivation. I think that is why it is easier right now for me to choose to find my own way spiritually...whether it leads me back to weirdo SS teachers or not I don't know. I just think those that decide to go that route should go with a different attitude than the post at fMh.

forever long...sorry....:)