Monday, April 21, 2008

I will return shortly to my regular blogging

Thanks Carrie for checking on me. I guess I've been notibly absent from the blog-o-sphere this week. Life has been crazy again (still) for me both at work and at home. I've barely had time to blog stalk, let alone blog myself. My sister and her husband have sold their house, and they're moving into my basement to live while their new house is completed - a basement that isn't quite finished. We've been frantically trying to finish a room for them to sleep in, all while trying to move as much of their stuff as we can since we're going to St George for the weekend for the Cactus Hugger Festival. And of course we've been busy with life in the mean-time. Here's a bit of what else we've accomplished this week:

Daddy: He had his first soft ball game of the season this week. His team lost 11-12 - and he had 11 RBIs. For his 3 at-bats, he had 2 grand-slams and a 3-run homer. They didn't lose because of him.

Mommy: On Saturday, I ran in the 1/2 marathon that I have been training for. It was a great route, and I had so much fun. I plan a race report eventually. My goal was to finish in 2:30, and my official time was 2:34 - if I hadn't stopped to pee I probably would have made it.

Grace: Poor girl has been sick. She's been spiking fevers of 103, but the doctor says its just a virus. But in between her fever spikes, she's felt great and has discovered that she loves painting. We let her grab a brush and help paint the wall of the new bedroom. She was in heaven.

Bryn: She has figured out to tell me when she has to go potty. On Saturday, she said that she had to go, so I took her into the potty and set her down. I left the room to help G in her room, and while we were gone, Bryn stood up and pooped all over the bathroom floor. Then she walked to come and find me, and accidentally stepped in it. We had a poo trail all the way down the hall (thank goodness for wood floors!). I'm so proud of her for figuring it out.

Today is Monday, and we're home sick because G's still got her fever. I'm thinking she may need to go to her regular ped to see what is up. I'm hoping things slow down soon, and I'll return shortly with my regular blogging.


carrie said...

What a week!! I figured you MUST be busy with something.... :o)
Ben is such a good softball player. I love it when he comes down here and plays on Jason's teams. Plus, he's so stinking nice to our kids. They LOVE him. I'm sorry Grace has been sick. I feel your pain on that one..... I am SICK of one of us being SICK, to say the least. I hope she gets feeling better soon. Let me know if we can help you out with anything. As for your little Bryn and the pooping, I could feel your pain on that one, too. ha ha Bo would do the SAME thing when he was learning, too. It would drive me crazy. He would get it all over the floor....or smear it ALL over the seat. It was such a fun deal. :o) Hopefully Grace's fever will go away....and you guys can enjoy your new week. I'm glad you're OK. I hope you'll be able to post about AI this week. ;o) I'm telling you....I've missed it. ha ha I'm totally digging David Cook now. (I still don't think he's CUTE, but he is so talented....) Can you tell I love that show?? :o) Have a great week....or at least, try your best!! HUGS

Omgirl said...

It's good to hear from you gain. I miss your blogging!

It sounds like Ben needs to join a better team. They are bringing him down!

Good for your 1/2 marathon!!! I'm still totally impressed with you.

Lynita said...

I am so sorry about the poop mess and G being sick. Does she have sore throats with the fevers? Cuz Kaitlyn had that happen almost a dozen times in just 9 months. They ended up taking her tonsils out and adenoids. Now she is so much healthier! Hopefully it is not the same, cuz the doctor just kept saying it was a virus every time, but it was more than that apparently! Good luck, and I hope Ben's team can play better next time!