Thursday, April 24, 2008

10 reasons why I should be in a bad mood . . .

. . . but suprisingly I'm not:

1. Its snowing outside, and I'm in flipflops.

2. For the past couple of months I've had a naggy feeling about my kids daycare that something just isn't right. But I've ignored it. Today I found out that my daycare is operating on a conditional permit because of health department and other violations, and I've decided it's my kids' last day there. I'm headed out to check out daycares that have openings starting Monday.

3. Tomorrow is the final weigh-in for the Biggest Loser 3. And (suprisingly enough) I'm not the biggest loser (but I feel like a big loser).

4. I've got 14.5 loads of clean laundry on my bed waiting to be put away when I get home. And my house is a cluttery mess.

5. My daughter's birthday is next week, and I haven't begun to plan her party.

6. Work is kicking my butt

7. I'm operating on 5 hours of sleep

8. I've been puked on 3 times in the past week

9. I have a headache

10. I just spilled a can of diet soda all over my keyboard and into my crotch.

But for some reason there's a smile on my face. I'm sitting here with a (fresh) diet soda in my hand, and tomorrow morning we leave for some fun-in-the-sun in St George at the Cactus Hugger Festival.


Koreena said...

I'm glad you're getting out of town. You need a break!!

Tiburon said...

Have a blast in St George. Sorry about all the crap going on. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know!

Lindsay said...

Doesn't leaving town to somewhere warm and fun somehow make everything better? I'm glad you get to escape for a while.

The Gatherum Family said...

Good for you for having a good attitude and I am SO glad that you can (hopefully) find a better daycare and put your mind to rest and ease-that will be a great feeling. Have a WONDERFUL time in St. George!

Anne Marie said...

#10 made me laugh so hard! Not that you spilled your soda, but because you said the word crotch. That is like my favorite word. My husband hates it. Oh, that was funny. Good job on having a good attitude, and if you need somewhere for your kids to go until you find a new daycare, PLEASE call me! I'M SERIOUS! You know where I live. I would LOVE to have them. I'm free on Monday. So, seriously, call me. I hope you have a great trip!!! I wish I were headed somewhere warmer than 35 degrees even when the sun is shining and it's the end of April!!! What is up with that!!!

Julia said...

Yay! A trip out of town. I"m sure you need it.

I'm sorry about all the crazy things going on in your life. I'd offer to take the kids too, but I'm pretty sure I'm working and way out of your way. Perhaps my nanny?

Being puked on? yuck I don't know if I can handle it. And I just knew Anne Marie would be happy you used the word crotch. Have a great trip.

carrie said...

I'm so sorry about your week, but I have to admit, I loved reading your list!! :o) I'm with Anne Marie, the crotch part was pretty funny. ha ha I'm REALLY sorry about the Daycare thing. I had Matthew in a Daycare once....and he only went for two days, for like 4 hours each day. I still had that nagging feeling that something just wasn't right. It's a LONG story, so don't worry....I won't post it, but needless to say, we worked it out. ha ha It's such a hard thing to deal with as a parent. I hope you'll be able to find a good place for your cute girls. Let me know if I can help you out also.... Seriously. :o) Hope your St George trip was FABULOUS!!!!

Omgirl said...

So what happened with the daycare? Did you find another one? I know that one was in a good location, so I'm sorry it didn't work out.