Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Can someone please explain to me . . .

. . . how my kids can survive days of playing near rocks and cliffs, and come home with narry a scratch? And then the next day, Brynlee dislocates her elbow playing in her bedroom? Poor girl ended up in Instacare with a case of nursemaid's elbow only a few hours after we got home. After 3 hours and lots of x-rays, the doctor popped it back into place and she's been fine since. But it doesn't stop me from feeling like the worst mom ever.

. . . how on vacation we all got about 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night, but then we come home and my kids trade off night wakings. Last night I was up with one of them 5 times in the 6 measly hours I'd given myself to sleep?

. . . how I've backed out of my driveway 1000s of times, but today is the day that I forget about Ben's car and narrowly miss crashing into it? I was pretty shaken up, and admit to uttering profanities under my breath (quietly enough so the girls didn't hear)

. . . how I feel like I'm constantly working/always busy, yet it never seems like I get anything accomplished?

. . . how I run 20-25 miles per week, plus weight-training and now mountain biking. How I eat super healthy and rarely splurge on anything unhealthy, yet I'm 20 pounds overweight and have a jiggly belly?

. . . how my family still loves me when I'm such an obvious mess?


Lindsay said...

YOU are not a mess. But man, talk about some craziness since you got home! Today will be a better day :)

Julia said...

You are def not a mess. I wish someone could explain to me how you do all the things you do in a day.

10 hours of sleep? oh how I need to go on vacation with your family.

I'm sorry about Brynlee's elbow! Yikes. Don't you love spending all that money only to have the doc pop something back into place.

Omgirl said...

Poor Brynn, ouch! I think its funny how it's called "nursemaid's elbow" like the nursemaids are the ones always pulling on uncooperative kids. What I don't think is funny is how some show-off doctor obviously wrote the entry on Wikipedia for nursemaid's elbow to demonstrate how many anatomically correct words he could use in one paragraph. Brother. Keep your crazy doctor talk for Web MD, dude!

Tiburon said...

Ok ow on the elbow! And I wish I could answer some of those questions - but I think they shall remain little mysteries.

Lynita said...

I can explain it all with one phrase... Murphy's Law! Personally I would like to knock that dang Murphy upside the head, but instead I blame the things that are out of my control on him! I know how you feel, I am only 11 weeks pregnant and I look like I am 5 mos. which really helps with the whole self esteem thing! LOL! I guess we just have to laugh at ourselves and do the best we can!

Keener said...

Congratulations on your news. Yay for your working out.
OH I would say that the car driving is due to pg brain :)!

Oh, did they teach you how to take care of nurse's maid elbow? My youngest had it and she was 1 year when it happened the first time. It's likely to recurrently occur on the same arm. It's been more than a year but it's scary when you don't know what's going on. Many hugs.

Christi (BabyLove...TLOL)