Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My own fat march

Ok - I'm not the biggest TV watcher there is - especially cheesy reality shows. But I do DVR some of my favorites and watch them while I'm on the dreadmill (it really helps to pass the time). A few weeks ago, I'd made it through all my cache of shows (summer break I guess) so I was channel surfing. I came across Fat March - I'm not sure why the show caught my eye, but it did. The show is about 12 overweight people who have to walk from Boston to Washington DC - a distance of over 500 miles. Every one of these people was at least 100 pounds overweight at the beginning of the march. Talk about motivation for me while I was running. I immediately set the DVR to record all new episodes.

Last night was the season finale. On one of the last days of the march, they had to walk a marathon - 26.2 miles. Every one of them finished the entire distance, and the fastest woman did it in just over 7 hours. This is a woman who was at least 100 pounds overweight, and she walked a marathon in 7 hours.

What am I worried about?

I have 6 hours to complete the marathon, but I do plan on running a good majority of it. And it really is mostly downhill - see the lovely elevation map:

I'm going to be fine. It was comforting to hear that Rachel (Operation Rosebud) hadn't run more than 14.something prior to hers. I've still yet to run more than 13 miles. This past Saturday I tried to run 15, but I still felt really sick and lethargic. At one point I had to sprint to an appropriately placed restroom, as it was becomming difficult to run with my cheeks squeezed together. I only ended up doing 7 miles - but I did those 7 miles without stopping (unless I count the pit stop and my warm-up/warm-down) and I ran them fairly fast (for me) in just under an hour and a half. I'm not entirely sure, since I've stopped worrying about my time. Right now I just focus on mileage - no matter how long it takes.

I am getting anxious, but I think I'll be just fine. I have been working hard (although I make it sound like I've been a slacker) and I know I'll be proud of myself.


Anonymous said...

I saw this weeks Fat March epsiode too & it was so inspirational. I wish I wold have caught the show earlier this summer. I couldnt imagine doing a marathon. Something I'd definetly like to do one day. When is yours? I'm so proud of you girl...you've been doing awesome!


William said...

Thanks for watching Fat March and good luck on your run...


Jan said...

I have watched Fat March but suddenly it disappeared off the TV listings -- so I didn't know how it ended. I get so mad about that kind of stuff. Anyhow -- good luck on the marathon!